March Thrift Haul

I had a small surgery to get two sketchy looking moles removed from by body and tested earlier this month. As I was getting ready to leave, my doctor told me to be sure to take it easy the rest of the day. So, obviously I took that to mean that I should go by Sonic for a milkshake and do a little thrifting…

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And WOW and I glad I did! While I was at one of our nearby Goodwill stores they made an announcement that they have a 30% discount for students and teachers. Well, I’m currently a student in a Master’s program… but I don’t have a student ID since I’m taking my classes online. So, I decided to do a quick check of my work ID (I work at a university) and it actually says “Faculty and Staff” on it, so I got the discount!

Want to see what I found?

Visit #1 Haul:

51 Piece Cookie Cutter Set, $6.97 + 30% off

My sister texted me a few days before Christmas to see if I had any cookie cutters, because she was in the middle of making sugar cookies at my parent’s house and couldn’t find any. So, when I saw this brand-new cookie cutter set I knew I had to buy it so that we are prepared for next year! There are a ton of different shapes, but my vote is for Christmas dinosaurs…

Merona dress, Large, $7 + 30% off

I normally don’t buy Target brands at thrift stores because they don’t tend to be the best quality. However, this particular Goodwill is a location where they have a bunch of Target cast-offs that were donated from the store. I really like the softness of this dress, as well as the black and white pattern. It has a gathered waist too, so it’s pretty flattering on. I’m planning to wear this as either a swimsuit cover-up at the beach or maybe as a casual weekend dress.

Halogen cardigan, Large, $5.89 + 30% off

I’ve mentioned before that red is one of my university’s colors… but I don’t actually own much red clothing at all. This Halogen cardigan (a Nordstrom brand) is a pretty shade of red and in great condition, so I decided to go ahead and get it for less than $5. I already wore it too!


Liz Claiborne faux wrap dress, Large, $7.00 + 30% off

Whenever I go to Marshalls or TJ Maxx, this is the type of easy dress I gravitate towards. In fact, I have a few similar dresses in my closet and have been wearing them for probably 5 – 10 years because they always look great and basically last forever! This one has a flattering shape and a pretty pattern, here it is close up:

Visit #2 Haul:

Two weeks later I had to get my stitches out, so I made a quickie stop by the same Goodwill. I probably only had about 30 minutes, so I scooped up a few items and ended up with three winners:

Grayer’s Cotton Sweater, Large, $3.50
Chico’s skinny jeans, size 1, $8.40

I initially loved the pretty stripes on this 100% cotton sweater and although I wasn’t familiar with the Grayer’s brand, I could tell by its tag that it was kind of fancy. I did some googling and found that Grayer’s is a men’s brand created by a designer that spent 11 years working at Ralph Lauren. They’re vision is classic with a twist and when describing their fit they say “it’s not the classic, baggy fit, nor is it the slim designer fit – we walk a fine line in-between the two.”  They sell their clothing through their own website and Nordstrom and similar sweaters go for $88 – 98.

I don’t normally bother trying on pants or jeans when I thrift, because it’s so hard for me to find a pair that fit me right. I decided to try these on a whim, having no idea what a Chico’s size 1 even would be. These jeans are part of the Chico’s “so slimming” collection (price range $89 – $99) and I’d like to be slim… so I tried them. Oh, and a Chico’s size 1 is supposed to be equal to regular size 8 and that’s totally BS because I’m NOT a size 8. Anyways, these jeans fit kind of great and figured I’d give them a try for less than $9! I’ve worn them twice since I bought them (here’s one outfit) and have been pleasantly surprised at how they don’t fall down throughout the day!

Coldwater Creek wrap dress, size 10P, $4.90

Once again, getting introduced to a new brand with this Coldwater Creek dress. It looks like it’s a catalog/website brand that attracts the ‘more mature’ lady. Sigh. First I buy Chico’s and now Coldwater Creek… apparently I’m turning full-on old lady at age 40. Anyways… I liked the colors of this dress and you all know how I can’t resist a good wrap dress! The first thing I did was cut off the fake wrap ribbon thing on the side. I may end up hemming this one a bit shorter, but I’ll wear it to work once to see how I feel about the length. All it all, it was a steal for $5!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I also did a little more thrifting earlier this week… but I’m going to do a special Spring Break Haul post next week.

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)?

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One thought on “March Thrift Haul”

  1. I went into a thrift store, because they had the cutest dressed mannequins, outside. I found a beautiful silk Chaps brand dress for $4. It was $8, but I got a discount. I wore it to my nephew’s wedding. It got many compliments!

    I love thrifting. I need to check this store out again.

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