Morning Smoothie Recipe

I have to break my bagel addiction. Well, not addiction. But dang do I love those Aldi French Toast bagels. But I know that they are not good for me… or my cholesterol. Which I was reminded again by my doctor at our last appointment. So, back to smoothies I go.

I’ve been using this recipe lately:

  • ½ banana
  • Handful blueberries
  • 1 scoop nut butter (right now it’s the mixed nut butter from Trader Joes until I run out)
  • Handful spinach
  • 1 TBSP chia seeds
  • 1-2 TBSP flax seed meal
  • Almond milk
  • Ice

I basically throw everything into my Ninja blender cup except the almond milk and ice the night before. Then, in the morning I add in the liquid and ice, blend it for a bit and run out the door with it.

It’s…. okay.

I mean, it doesn’t really taste like much to be honest. If it had a taste, I guess it would be… healthy. I think I can improve it if I switched out to an almond butter or peanut butter because the nut butter is basically tasteless (which is why I’m trying to use it up).

It does the job though and keeps me full until lunchtime. And it gets some extra goodness into my body without me having to think about it too much.

It’s just kind of ‘meh’. So, I’m curious. Do you have a healthy smoothie recipe you enjoy? Feel free to share it in the comments or post a link to the recipe!

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4 thoughts on “Morning Smoothie Recipe”

  1. Yes! A bit of ginger (like an 1”), half a lemon squeezed in, frozen banana, kale, an apple and a stalk of celery. I’ve used orange juice for the liquid or coconut water. The original recipe is from Run Fast, Eat Slow.
    Sometimes I add protein powder, but without it, it just feels like clean sunshine (which is a ridiculous way to describe food)

  2. My go-to smoothie is chocolate almond milk (I prefer Silk Dark Chocolate – yum so chocolatey), PB powder, frozen banana, espresso (I pre-make a few days worth and keep it in the fridge), and protein powder. It’s delicious! Like a mocha milkshake. FOR BREAKFAST!! I’m sure I could make it more healthy by adding some flax or chia or something but I haven’t experimented yet. If you like chocolate then I think you’ll really like this!

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