Mott & Bow Review: Jeans for Casual Friday’s

When a nice lady from Mott & Bow recently reached out to me about a potential review, I had to admit I had never heard of the brand. I did a little clicking and found that Mott & Bow has the goal of providing elevated basics… or more specifically premium grade denim jeans at a reasonable price.

Premium grade denim at a reasonable price? I’m listening…

I’ve been on the search for some perfect jeans to add to my Casual Friday rotation, so I was excited to give them a try. When I was checking out their website, I found the “how they are made” section really interesting.

  • Step #1. Resin Application: Each pair of jeans is either sprayed or immersed into a resin mix.
  • Step #2. Oven Curation. Everything that goes through the resin process must be pre-cured and then cured afterward in an oven.
  • Step #3. Scraping. Jeans are scraped in different areas to replicate the distress of normal use. All of the scraping is hand made for a unique and natural look. Intensities, materials, and forms of scraping vary per jean style.
  • Step #4. Pinning and Tying. They pin the jeans and often tie them in curious ways before they go into the wet processes. They remove the knots at different times in the washing process to create subtle contrasts.
  • Step #5. Washing and Drying. Depending on the final look desired, the ingredients inside the machines range from pumice rock to silicone balls.
  • Step #6. Finishing. Once all the dry and wet finishing processes are completed, they put the final touches on the jeans.

Check out a video of the scraping part of the process:

I was blown away at the amount of work that goes into each pair of their jeans!

When it comes to ladies jeans, Mott & Bow offers four fits: high-rise skinny, mid-rise skinny, slim boyfriend, and the mom jean. I already have a few pairs of skinny jeans that I love, so I decided to try out the slim boyfriend fit in darker wash:

Source: Mott & Bow website

They have a special jeans try-on program where you can order two sizes to try (and just send the unwanted size back with an included postage).

I’m normally a 10/12, but I have a bit of a booty. When it comes to jeans I can be ANYWHERE on the size range… so I took a gamble and tried on both the 31 and 32 with an inseam of 30 so I could roll them up a bit like on the model. When it comes to fit, the website says that the jeans will loosen up a bit by about a half size. My jeans were pretty fitted in the hips and thighs when I first put them on, but I had a little more wiggle room by the end of the day.

In each of my photos I’m wearing the Slim Boyfriend in Ridge, medium/dark blue wash (find them here) . I styled the jeans three different ways that would totally work for Casual Friday at my job.

Outfit 1: Pops of Yellow

For the first look, I topped the Mott & Bow jeans with a cotton tank top, patterned sweater and pops of yellow in the necklace and sandals. I like this look for a summer Casual Friday at work, and I would even wear this as a typical weekend look when the weather cools down a bit. I actually wore a version of this look to work last Friday (see it here).

Outfit 2: Office Switch-Out

For my second styling, I took a typical work-wear combo of a blouse + cardigan + pointed flats and switched trousers for the slim boyfriend jeans. I love the wash on this pair of jeans – especially that there isn’t any distressing – because it makes this look just the perfect bit of casual for the office.

Outfit 3: Stripes + Spots + Red

I thrifted this fun striped and sparkly polka dotted top a few months ago and it’s been on heavy rotation ever since. I love it paired with these jeans and the fun bright red hue of my sneakers. This outfit could easily go from a Casual Friday at work to running errands!

A great big thank you to my friends at Mott & Bow for encouraging me to try their jeans. I love them and plan to have lots of fun styling them for my Casual Friday’s!

If you decide to try Mott & Bow, they have a special 15% off code for your first order when you sign up for texts on their website.

Have you tried Mott & Bow jeans? Which of my Casual Friday outfits is your favorite?

Disclosure: Mott & Bow provided me with a pair of their jeans in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. To be clear if I had hated the jeans, I would not have given them a nice review.

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