My Christmas Wish List

Each year I have a terrible time coming up with a Christmas wish list. The problem is, if I want something… I stalk it until it’s on sale and then I just buy it for myself! So, when Christmas rolls around, I don’t know what to ask for. However, around this time each year my mom asks for my Christmas Wish list… so I had to think up something.

I’ll put together my list of things I’ve bought over the last year and loved for you soon (maybe next week?), but for now, this is my exact list I gave my mom. Maybe it will help some of you figure out what you might want!

Gray Stripe Tablecloth, $17.99 (find it here) and Chevron Place mats, $4.99 each (find them here).


We use a tablecloth on our kitchen table because it’s pretty beat up and I can’t commit to spending a bunch of money on a new table. I have a couple I rotate between, but could really use a new one to add to the mix. I picked out this tablecloth and place mats from Target because they are neutral, but still pretty fun.

CleverMade EcoBasket Reusable Grocery Tote Bags, 3 pack, $29.99 (find them here)


We shop at Aldi, which means that we have to bring our reusable grocery bags with us each time. I have a few from a previous school fundraiser that I’m currently using, but I don’t love them. I did a ton of research on Amazon and found this 3-pack of collapsible bags on Amazon and they seem like exactly what I’ve been looking for.

L.L. Bean Wicked Good Camp Moccasins, $79 (find them here)

Source: L.L.

I pretty much ask for these same slippers every 2-3 years because I wear them from September to May. I love the L.L. Bean version because they are super fuzzy and warm inside and have an actual sole in case you need to run outside to take the trash out. They also go on sale around the holidays, so don’t pay full price!

Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee, $6 (find it here)


I know it’s not very fancy, but it’s awfully useful. Both Travis and I make a pot of Dunkin Donuts vanilla coffee every single morning and I just can’t start my day without it. I feel like I’m buying it ALL THE TIME, so I figured I’d stick it on my Christmas list!

Hard Cider Tasting Pack

We loooove hard ciders, so a mixed tasting pack of a bunch of different ciders to try would be pretty great! Most of the liquor stores by us allow you to mix your own 6 pack, so I’m hoping for a cornucopia of cidery goodness.

There was nothing super crazy big or cool on my list, just a bunch of useful odds and ends. I actually love receiving items that I can immediately put to use… so this list is just a little bit of perfect for me.

Bonus Husband Round: As I said, I’m terrible to shop for — which includes my husband trying to buy me gifts. Last year I told him to take Jack to Homegoods/TJ Maxx and spend $50 on random stuff I’d like and it worked out wonderfully. This year, I’m planning to do the same thing… but I also realized my favorite pajama pants were starting to get a hole.

As it turns out, Soma is having an online sale right now so I ordered myself a few new things and will be sticking them under the tree from my husband. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Here’s what I ordered: Embliss Knit Lace Trip Sleep Top, Cool Nights Lace Flutter Sleeve Top, Lace Trim Sleep Pants, and Cool Nights Pajama pants. Sizing tips: I’ve found that the pants tend to stretch over time, so even though I typically have a large butt I get a medium in Soma pajama pants. I stick with larges for tops though!

What do you have on your list this year?

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One thought on “My Christmas Wish List”

  1. I just wore my husband’s moccassins outside, to take the dog out. They are so warm, and have a sole, so you can actually walk in bad weather. Maybe I need a pair of my own!

    I like useful presents, as well. It’s just stuff you don’t normally buy.

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