My NotPERFECT LINEN Custom Order

I mentioned that I was planning to do a NotPERFECT LINEN order directly from the shop a couple months ago, so I wanted to give you all an update. I had purchased other NPL items, but they were secondhand through Poshmark and the Facebook BST group. With their discontinuing of the 15% off promo code, I decided to pull the trigger and make my order.

What I chose:

I decided that I wanted both these items in Moss Green, so that I could wear them together like a dress, or separately to make lots of other outfits. I figured, this combo would give me the most bang for my buck.

Sizing was easy for the skirt, as I had purchased a Marseille in a M/L secondhand and it fit perfectly. I’ve also purchased a size Large in a Marseille skirt since then (it was a secondhand bargain, so I figured I could always try to shrink it if needed) and that fits great too. So, it seems that there is some leeway with this style.

For the tank though, I really wanted a perfect fit. Instead of just choosing a size and crossing my fingers, I sent them my measurements – bust, waist and hips. They used that information and made the tank to my specifications (for no extra fee).

NPL Order Unboxing

If you prefer this in video form, I posted a quickie unboxing on my PocketfulofJoules Instagram account. You can find it saved under “NPL Unboxing”

If you’re more of a photo person, let’s take a look:


I LOVE this set so much. The top fits my curves wonderfully and it looks adorable tucked into the matching skirt. I’ll wear these together for non-work spring and summer events. And then for work, I’ll add a cardigan for tattoo coverage. Love, love, love the set. Especially because it looks like a dress, but has so many more mix and matching possibilities.

PORTO-2 Top + SION Skirt

I had previously purchased this SION skirt secondhand in a discontinued teal color. While I do have a black linen skirt, I thought it would be more fun to pair the moss green with the teal. This is a cute look that I’d top with a cardigan for work or just wear out and about in non-work life.

PORTO-2 Top + Denim Shorts

You can see the full shape of the PORTO-2 in this outfit, since it’s untucked. They did a great job of cutting the fabric to fit my bust, my waist and my hips comfortably. This is fully untucked, but it also looks nice with a little half-tuck action. While I’m not typically a shorts person, I do occasionally wear this pair of denim shorts… so this is certainly an outfit I’ll be wearing this summer.

MARSEILLE Skirt and T-Shirt

This is my typical weekend look – a t-shirt with a cute skirt and I love this fun combo. The moss green of this skirt is surprisingly versatile and I can’t wait to wear it a bunch of times this spring, fall and summer.

I am THRILLED about my first order from NotPERFECT LINEN. I’ve been really lucky to find some wonderful items secondhand, but when it comes to tops, I love the opportunity to purchase something that fits my body exactly.

So far, I’ve tried the 1950’s skirt, the SION skirt and the Marseille skirt — the Marseille skirt is my absolute favorite. They all are made out of beautiful linen and have a nice fitted waist and swingy body (and pockets), but the snaps on the Marseille give it a little extra sparkle which I love.

Disclosure: Not sponsored.

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