My Style: December 2023

With Christmas falling on a Monday, I feel like next week basically doesn’t exist on my calendar. I’ve taken off work and I’ve taken off blogging and I intend to be a big lazy butt at home with my kiddo for the week. So, this will be your last blog post of 2023 and honestly, it’s kind of a light one.

I was PLANNING on at least one or two more fabulous holiday outfits to add to this post, but I tested positive for Covid last weekend and this week has been spent in my house wearing pajamas.

Before I got struck down with the fever, chills and body aches, I did have the opportunity to get a little festive:

I thrifted this sequined tank top to wear to the Taylor Swift Eras tour, but it was pulled out of my closet again and paired with my blue velvet skirt and a cardigan for a fun and festive work look. I actually attended a networking event that morning with the dress code “holiday sparkles”, so this worked out wonderfully.

I met up with my friend for an evening holiday market, so this was sparkly, festive AND warm for walking around outside. I actually also wore this skirt to the Taylor Swift Eras tour. Since then, I’ve ripped out the baggy elastic waistband and replaced it with tighter elastic so it fits much better. It was sparkly perfection with a lightweight black sweater, denim jacket, tights and boots.

It was “Ugly Sweater Day” at work and I don’t have one, so I decided to go with a festive sweatshirt instead. It worked. And I already owned it, so I didn’t waste any money on something I would barely wear.

This one needed a video, rather than a photo, because a photo just doesn’t do these sparkles any justice! For this year’s work holiday party, I topped a sequined maxi skirt with a thrifted velvet tank top and beaded cardigan. It was a nice and comfortable outfit that was totally country club appropriate.

Happy Holidays and I’ll be back in 2024!

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2 thoughts on “My Style: December 2023”

  1. Happy holidays!!!!! Have a good reboot! I had covid for a month last Feb. It is important to test. Meanwhile isolate in a comfy bedroom with lots of reading material!

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