2023 Thrifting Wrap Up

Each year I enjoy looking back at my thrifting purchases. Sure, I still make plenty of mistakes (especially when I can’t try items on), but thrifting is a pretty low stakes – and low money – way to determine if something is not going to work for you, your closet, or your home. And worst-case scenario, you just re-donate the item and it can find someone who will love it more!

When picking my favorite thrift and secondhand purchases of the year, I basically just chose the items that made my heart sing. If I LOVE an item, I’m going to wear it and use it a lot… and these were the winners for 2023.

2023 Favorite Thrifted Items for my Home:

Looking back at 2023, May was quite the lucky month for me for home items. Also, I’m really loving the color scheme of this photo gallery:

  • Cactus picture, $14.50 – May 2023
  • Lu-Ray Cups and Saucer set, $12.50 – May 2023
  • Chive Pooley 2 Vase, $4.50 – May 2023
  • Pyrex Casserole Dish with Lid, $4.99 – July 2023

This year, I found some beautiful items to add to my vintage ceramics and pottery collection. The Lu-Ray cups and saucer set was made in the United States in the 1940’s and the Pyrex casserole dish is a special promotional item from the winter of 1969.

The cactus picture is one of my favorite finds and hangs right next to my bed to remind me of our amazing trips to Arizona. That Chive vase lives in my kitchen and regularly gets filled with fresh flower stems!

2023 Favorite Thrifted Clothing Items:

These four items make my heart happy, so they absolutely deserve to be in my end of year thrifting wrap up:

  • Blue Velvet Chaps midi skirt, $4.79 – January 2023
  • Johnny Was Cedella Blouse, $39.50 – March 2023
  • Rag & Bone Linen Knit Top, $5.29 – April 2023
  • Sparkly tank top, $2 – May 2023

The blue velvet skirt is the perfect neutral with a little extra kick — I wore it to work back in January 2023 and I’ve worn it this month too. It’s so soft and luxe and it was less than $5! The floral Johnny Was blouse was a consignment steal — it retails for $205 and I purchased it secondhand for $39.50.

The Rag & Bone striped linen top was a surprise favorite this year — it looks fantastic tucked into my many high-waisted skirts and was a great deal (retails for $160, thrifted for $5.29). As for that sparkly tank top, I purchased it for $2 for my Taylor Swift Eras concert look… but recently wore it again for a sparkly holiday work outfit.

I can’t wait to see what kind of treasures we find in 2024!

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