My Style: November 2023

This month was the switchover period from warmer Maryland weather and bare legs to chilly nights and wool socks. Also, it was kind of the ‘calm before the storm’ before I unleash all that is sparkles and velvet for the upcoming holiday season.

Work Outfits

We moved into our new office location this month, which is very exciting! So this month, we have four work outfits – including a very casual logo fleece version for moving day.

I have two favorites this month. I loved the trippy polka dotted skirt with the floral embroidered cardigan — it is a very ME work look and I felt very swishy all day long. I also love the Anthropologie maxi dress I’m wearing today with the cardigan. It’s giving me ‘fancy marketing princess’ vibes and I’m here for it!

Casual Outfits

Hmm… I didn’t realize I had such a cohesive color story for my casual looks until I put them all here. Haha! I really like both the marigold skirt look (for an outdoor fall family bonfire) and the swoopy patterned cardigan look as well.

However, that yellow patterned dress just photographs so terribly — and honestly, the dress is not really a winner in person either. I wore it to my family’s Thanksgiving dinner and the lack of waist was very helpful though. That one may be hitting the chopping block, as it doesn’t really give me any warm fuzzies when I wear it.

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2 thoughts on “My Style: November 2023”

  1. All adorable! I especially like the cardigan and the long dress in blues. Very pretty. They all were great, though.
    I am happy that you made it to Marketing Princess, as I, too, was in marketing for years, but never made Princess, although I did many great things. But whenever I run across someone who has made Princess, which is not too often, I am happy they made it. Congrats!!

    1. Thank you Nancy. Some days I feel like the Marketing Princess. Other days, I may even feel like the Marketing Queen. However, there are also days I feel like the court jester…

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