My Style: September 2022

It’s one of my favorite times of the year, so I have LOVED the slowly cooling weather of September. Sure, we start out steamy in tank tops… but by the end of the month I’ve unearthed my favorite sweaters and fretted about finding new jeans. It’s a cycle.

Work Style

Here are my work looks for the month. With this layout, if you want to see any look closer just click on it and the photo will blow up larger for you:

This month I had ‘normal’ work outfits, as well as my conference capsule of work outfits. Lots of fall colors and I’m getting a ‘last wear’ out of some of my items that don’t really work once I have to start adding tights and boots to the equation.

Casual Style

Earlier in September, we went on our trip to Austin, which gave me much better backgrounds for my outfit photos! The bottom two outfits are my absolute favorites — my birthday outfit (left) and one of the most magical skirts I own (right). Which is saying a lot, because I tend to purchase magical skirts…

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