My Style: September Favorite Outfits & Giveaway!

What the heck, you guys…where did September go?! Just a moment ago I was looking forward to a little cooler weather and pumpkin spice everything and suddenly October is on Thursday.

I AM NOT ready for this quite yet!

As I’ve done for the last few months, I sifted through my Instagram and picked a few of my favorite looks from this month. If you see something you like, I’ve made it easy for you to steal my style with links for each item if it is still available, as well as some similar styles at different price points. If you want to check out previous My Style posts, you can find them here.

Here are my three favorite September looks:

Look #1: The ‘like summer and fall had a baby’ outfit

My Style - September look 1

The Tank Top
This outfit is pretty much my answer to the question of “how do you dress for fall when it’s still 90 degrees outside?” This tank top is called the Morning Glory Tank and I bought it a couple months ago when Anthropologie was having their super summer sales. The pretty mix of colors makes it really easy to transition into the fall with a sweater and I know I’ll get some more wear out of it before I pack it away for the super cold winter season. The one I have is long gone, but this one by the same designer has a similar feel (and is currently on sale): the Orabel Tank.

The Skirt
Here’s another super deal from the summer, it’s the Diamond Cut Skirt from Anthro and I got it when it was $148 marked down to $20. I know, it was a mega score and I kind of feel guilty sharing that since it’s all sold out. Sorry! I think that a burgundy circle skirt is a pretty great fall find though, so I found you the Bugle Boy skirt from Modcloth that has a similar shape. I actually own this exact skirt in Olive and have been meaning to hem it a little shorter so I can start wearing it with boots this fall. If you do decide to go for this version, make sure to check out the sizing information. If I remember correctly, this skirt fits small so I had to go up a size or two (whatever, I’ll just cut out the tag…)

The Shoes
I’ve posted these shoes a bunch of times because I pretty much wear them all summer long, they are discontinued but here are some similar looks: Honey Elisabeth Snake and Ariat Oro gladiators.

Look #2: Bring on the Critters

My style - September look 2

The Blouse
I’ve never really been much of a critter print kind of girl, but when I saw someone selling this elephant top on a Facebook Buy/Sell page I just had to have it! I tracked the top down and it’s called the Popover Shell top by Oat + Fawn in Elephants. Since I bought my second-hand, it is no longer in stores. However, I found the Safari As I Can See top from Modcloth that also features elephants. Or, you can skip the shirt and try a super adorable elephant scarf for less than $10: Blue Elephant Print Scarf.

The Sweater
I know, I know… these My Style posts are getting kind of repetitive with the amount of times I re-wear stuff! Here is my blue J.Crew cardigan yet AGAIN and you can find it here: the J.Crew Factory Clare cardigan in a ton of colors.

The Pants
These pants are the Democracy Ab Solution Booty Lift Jeggings and they are AMAZING. I bought a pair at Nordstrom Rack last year and loved them so much that I went back and bought another pair. I wore them ALL winter and spring and they still look as good as new (which didn’t stop me from buying a couple back-up pairs when I saw them on sale a few weeks ago).

What makes them so great? Well, they feel like the softest, stretchy-ist black jeans on the planet and they have an elastic waistband hiding behind the zipper/button top. Also, I’ve had them pass for work trousers. Boom, BEST pants ever. They don’t have them available on the Nordstrom Rack online site, but I’ve seen them in stores within the past few weeks. If you feel like doing the legwork to check your local Rack, I usually get them for less than $40. I also found them on Amazon here: Democracy Women’s AB Solution and Booty Lift Jegging.

The Shoes
I have been wearing these sandals pretty much non-stop since I got them, because they are a great transition shoe to go from summer to fall. I lucked out and found them at ThredUp for a steal, but they look SO MUCH like these Steve Madden fringe sandals that I was stalking all summer long. They’re pricey at $80 and I can’t believe that they still haven’t gone on sale yet!

Look #3: A Printed Dress and Booties Rocking Everywhere

My Style - September look 3

The Dress
I bought this Anne Klein dress at TJ Maxx in the spring and really love the fact that the fabric doesn’t wrinkle so I can get through a 12 hour workday and still look professional. I found my exact dress (only in sizes 10,14 and 16) on Amazon here: Anne Klein Swing Dress. I also found this one with a similar shape but a black and white polka dotted pattern: Anne Klein Polka Dot Fit-and-Flare Dress.

The Shoes
I bought these booties last year, but I’ve just finally gotten used to the way that they look with dresses. I wasn’t really sure about hopping on the bootie train, but when I found these on super clearance for $17 I figured I might as well try them out. Mine are DV by Dolce Vita (found at the Rack, of course) and I found a pair with a similar suede look, wooden heel and fun tassel here: DV by Dolce Vita Women’s Joust Ankle Boot. Here is another similar pair by the same brand and here is one with an open toe AND open back.

My New Favorite Fall Polish Set

Since we are talking about fall transition, I absolutely must mention the new essie fall collection of colors. My friends at Red Door Spa sent them over to me as a #GalSquad perk and I’m totally OBSESSED with the ‘leggy legend’ color. It’s like the perfect copper penny shade for toenails or fingernails for this time of year!

Surprise GIVEAWAY!
I have a bazillion dollars in credits at True&Co due to referrals, so I want to give some away! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. That’s it! It can be anything — pick your favorite outfit, tell me whether you like these My Style posts, leave the name of your favorite fall nail color, tell me whether when watching Doc McStuffins you also yell at Lambie for being such a whore. Anything! For every 10 comments I’ll pick a winner to get a $150 gift card to True&Co to treat yourself to some fabulous lingerie and lounge wear! Just leave a comment before the end of September and you will be entered.


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52 thoughts on “My Style: September Favorite Outfits & Giveaway!”

  1. I love Essie’s fall collection. OPI has a nice one, too. I’m really bad at painting my nails, and on keeping up with it. I got gel nails thinking that would help, but I peeled them off myself eventually and cancelled my appointment. Oh well.

    I love the Bring on the Critters outfit the most. I like the blue with the black and white. It looks fun but still grown-up. You always look so put together!

  2. Love! Love your “bring on the critters” outfit, do cute! I really enjoy all of your blogs. You are so witty and bring a smile to my face 🙂 I only found you a few weeks ago and am so glad I did.

  3. I love the elephant shirt! The dress looks fantastic on you!!! And it’s totally ok if you find what you love to wear it over and over. It’s better to feel good in tried and true than to fuss over new and unknown.

    And btw- Lambie is a hug whore.

  4. I LOVE that dress on you! I dont have to dress up in business casual or dress up at all for work except for that ocassional week of traveling or meetings but I need to amp up my wardrobe at work.

  5. I love the elephants too! Tell me, was it a LulaRoe shirt that you saw for sale on the Facebook sale page? Have you heard of LulaRoe or tried it yet? I don’t sell it but I’ve gotten a couple of pieces and it is pretty awesome. Let me know if you’d like me to connect you with one of a few consultants I know – so you can work your bloggy magic.

  6. I’m gonna have to give Democracy a shot! My Rack usually puts them on the same rack as the Kut From the Kloth jeans and I’m always like, “Stop trying to fool me, I’m here for my KFTK!” But now that you’ve endorsed them and I’m officially in love with KFTK….

    And I LOVE the critters outfit! I need that top from Modcloth and I’m seriously wanting to gift that scarf.

  7. I love your fall colors nail polish set. I just painted my nails on Saturday night with Miss Piggy from Bonita Salon which is a pinkish coral color. I got it for $10 with another polish and two lip glosses last spring from Ipsy.
    Always fun to read your style posts and I appreciate that you give the price and store information. The elephant shirt is my favorite.

  8. I love your style posts, gives me inspiration to change up my boring style by mixing things in my wardrobe, and shop for a few new key pieces. When I get a few minutes, I can’t wait to paint my nails this really dark blue shade that I picked up! Really out of my fuschia for summer and burgundy for fall/winter!

  9. That dress is amazing and looks amazing on you! And I love the nail polish colors for fall. 😀 I wish I had your fashion sense!

  10. Love the elephant print blouse! I’ve been trying to break out of some style ruts lately and I find that shirt super inspiring — quirky and whimsical, yet not over the top.

  11. First timer over to your blog. Been following you for some time on IG. I have SO much fun with the outfits and adventures. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to make my own homemade pumpkin spice latte. As backup I bought some pumpkin coffee creamer. Pinterest just makes it look sooooo easy!

    I also checked out true&co. Wow! Ok. Pretty cool. New and pretty. Pricey though. Would be a fun treat!

  12. Looooove the print dress worth the booties “rocking everywhere”! Also love the fall for darker nail colors although I don’t have a favorite 🙂 what the heck?! How is fall here?! 🙂

  13. I went for haircut today and got…BANGS!!! Very similar to yours, still figuring out how I feel about them. I think they might be a teensy bit long and might need a little trim so that I don’t find them annoying (and get hateful about them!!).

  14. I love following you on IG, your posts convinced me to try out StitchFix! Love it! Thanks for so many fun style ideas! 🙂

  15. Lambie is soooo needy. Always asking for validation. I like your critter shirt. Very cute, and the pattern is a surprise you don’t realize until close enough.

  16. I really like the elephant shirt outfit. Lambie is annoying but not sure if she gets around. I think she’s just anairhead. Keep blogging about fashion and being a working mom and being real!

  17. I love those nail polishes!!!!!

    My 4 year old finally grew out of Doc Mcstuffins so we don’t watch it as much. mostly paw patrol and mickey mouse.

  18. I love the nail polishes! I have a purple color on my toes right now that is awesome.

    No Doc McStuffins when my girl was young, but I always wondered where Max and Ruby’s parents were.

  19. You know, I was actually thinking about writing a post regarding prints because I kind of hate animal print. (I realize this has nothing to do with books, it’s just something that went through my head.) And then I was like “Woah. I’d better specify what I mean by animal print, because that elephant top Joules put on Instagram was effing adorable.”

  20. 1. Outfits—you can rock a dress like Sophia Lauren…you own them from top to bottom and I love the blue floral with the ankle boots–and really you kill it with the bangs.
    2. Red toes are happy toes-but my favorite might be Frock nRoll. in the lobby a close second.
    3. Lambie–I dont think she’s a ho…but I do find her to be quite Marilyn-ish for a kids show. especially since she can go down on all fours or stand on 2 legs whenever she wants. Kinda misleading and bothers me a bit. And I’m pissed that the snowman has the “dumb-guy” act. Snow is very hard to mold and stay together–that lil guy needs to be more Bruno and less Weasel.
    4. Always read ya and love the laughs. Thanks for the humor to life including your wtf facial expressions on some of your fixes!!!

  21. I love those booties. I don’t normally like them with dresses, it often looks like the person was half asleep and put on the wrong shoes but it really works with that dress.

  22. loving the in the lobby color! I always enjoy your posts – yours is one of the few blogs that I look at every time there is a new post!

    Have a great day!


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