Office Style: 3 Quick Tips for Sprucing Up Your Office at Work

The firm I work for recently moved locations, so a couple weeks ago I drove to the new place to hunt out my new space and found this:

So. Much. Stuff.

By time I dragged the desk and filing cabinets into a better position and unpacked so, so, so many bins… my office looked like this:

Better. But so boring. So, I figured it was the perfect time to write a quick blog post on easy ways I like to spruce up my work office!

Tip 1: Add some texture

In the past, I’ve added a pretty rug in front of my desk, but this time I decided to grab a couple of those handmade blankets I keep thrifting and put them to work. I draped one over the back of my chair to bring in some comfiness, color and an extra layer when my lap is a little cold. I also put one over the guest chair (which I forgot to take a photo of).

In addition to the blankets, I picked up a couple colorful fake flowers from the Marshall’s clearance section. They bring in some prettiness and color… and I can’t kill them.

Tip 2: Order a few hooks

I love these Command hooks – I’ve used them in my office, at home in my closet, and I even bought a two pack for inside our new shower to hold our towels. This set is a nice, heavy metal and does a great job of keeping my purse and laptop bag off the floor.

Tip 3: Don’t forget some pictures

Sure, lots of people like to hang their diplomas… but mine are hung up in my home office. So, I grabbed a few unused frames from my closet (previously used for Jack’s room years ago), and purchased a 4-print set of mid-century modern prints. They remind me of our trips to Utah and Arizona and they look professional, but also soothe my graphic design itch. What more could you want?!

I also found this fabulous ‘cow’ picture at Marshalls in the clearance section. With his swoopy bangs, he looks like an emo cow to me, which makes me giggle. So obviously I had to add it to my office wall!

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One thought on “Office Style: 3 Quick Tips for Sprucing Up Your Office at Work”

  1. Great job! I actually liked it without art, but that would not last for long! Very welcoming with the blankets, and cow. Thanks for the tips.

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