One Year of Ollie

Ollie (aka Ollivander Rutledge Dellinger) had his one year adoption anniversary with us a couple weeks ago. We’re not really sure when he was born, but the vet estimated that he was about one and a half when we adopted him. To keep it simple, I decided that Ollie and Jack share a birthday… so they are both 2 ½ now.

Hope Jack doesn’t get a complex about it. Or Ollie. Because frankly the dog is a bit of a diva and it would be JUST like him to get a complex over sharing his birthday.

I guess the most important thing to say is: Ollie is not Potter.

I had Potter from when he was a little teeny baby puppy and loved him with all my heart. We were together for almost 10 years and I was absolutely heartbroken when he died. It has been over a year and I still miss him.

When Potter passed away I really think I jumped into adopting Ollie too quickly. I missed my dog so much though and couldn’t stand not having the sound of little doggie feet running around the house.

So we adopted Ollie.
And Ollie is… well, Ollie.

Another family had him for about a year or so before they dropped him off at a shelter. We think that he was abused. When he originally came into our home he was super anxious, got MASSIVE separation anxiety when I left the house, and was scared crapless of men.

Actually ‘crapless’ isn’t the best word. Maybe crap-full? Let me paint you a visual with this little story…

Travis, Jack and I were super excited to go to Hershey Park last fall for their Halloween celebration. My parents were nice enough to watch Ollie while we were gone. We dropped Ollie off on our way up the road, settled him in and then left.

I got a call about 90 minutes later from my father. When he came home from work and walked in the house, Ollie got SO SCARED that he started whimpering, barking, flipping BACKWARDS and pooping. All at the same time.

Just let that visual sit with you for a minute… an 8 pound chihuahua-yorkie mix was so scared of my dad that he was doing back flips WHILE poop flew out of his butt.

THIS dog:



And my dad:



Now, that was only a couple months after Ollie joined our family so apparently whatever terror he went through was still fresh in his mind. Bless his furry little butt.

Thank goodness everything has improved. I’m not down with the flying poo. After living with us for a year, Ollie still does not trust new men. Especially men who are a bit shorter who wear glasses. He has been known to try and snap at the pant legs (or hands) of men who approach him too quickly.

He also had a few instances of bolting out the door, signing “FREEDOM!!” with his tail, and running down the road as fast as his little legs could carry him. Over time I’ve learned that he will come to a complete stop and reverse his run if I shake a can of treats while standing at the front door.

Ollie also hates baths, is having a love affair with a rabbit, does a pretty darn good job of picking contest winners, and if you don’t cut his hair he totally grows quite a distinguished beard. Oh yeah and it took him about 6 months to stop trying to attack Travis during sexytime. Which was awkward. And a bit hilarious.

So yes, Ollie is a bit more difficult than Potter. But I like him. Really I do.
Sometimes I even love him.

Especially when he does his impression of Crazy Eyes.

Ollie as Crazy Eyes

Happy 1 year anniversary Ollie! Now try to stop being such a jackass.

 Do you have a rescue animal with any weird traits? Am I the only on who thinks that Ollie’s “smile” is creepy and hilarious all at once?


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8 thoughts on “One Year of Ollie”

  1. I love your updates about Ollie. We went through a similar situation with losing Pep. We lost him July 3, 2012 and it’s been the single-hardest thing I’ve had to deal with in a really long time. There are days when Tim can’t even talk about him, still, without crying. We miss that guy something fierce, even 2 years later.

    We brought Louise home a little less than 2 weeks after losing Pep. We were beside ourselves and needed the distraction of loving another dog. She was about 4 months old, a Lab-Standard Poodle mix, and she kept us busy! I didn’t think I could love her the way I loved Pep, but I do. She’s the light of my life.

    Fast forward to a month ago. We rescued little Primrose, a Carolina Dog mix. Now I am in love x2. She’s my little snuggle bug and has become Lulu’s partner in crime.

    Lu does a funny/weird thing. She lays at the bottom of the stairs and puts her back left foot up on the first stair. I don’t know why, and it does not look comfortable, but here we are. I will post a pic of it at your FB site.

    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I’ve actually been entertaining the idea of adding another furry friend to our family, but I keep deciding against it. My main reason is that it’s much easier to ask someone to watch one dog, rather than two. Congrats on your two furry loves! Please post that picture, it sounds hilarious!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Ollie! <3 I think he's adorable!

    My heart broke when you lost Potter and I didn't even know him. I just know what it's like to lose a pet, because they're not just pets – they're family. They are amazing creatures that I think should live as long as we do because, well, losing them is so, so difficult. It hurts me just to write about it.

    Ben and I adopted Lilly in February 2013 and I absolutely adore her. It was Ben that wanted a dog, not me. I've always been a dog person, but I've lost more than one dog in my life and the pain is just, as you know… downright awful. But when I saw little 7-month-old Lilly from across the parking lot at an adoption event, I just knew – she is my baby. I told Ben I liked her and he said that's the dog he wanted me to meet. Needless to say, we signed on the dotted line and never looked back. I adore her and prefer to believe that she'll live forever. Super mature and realistic of me, I know.

    She used to lay and sit on one step, but she got too big to fit on one and now she sits her butt on one step and her front paws rest on the step below her. It's so cute.

    1. Thanks Jessy! I think a part of me will always miss Potter, because he was like my ‘first love’ of dogs that were ALL my own. Love me some Lilly!

  3. What a little character. A lot of pet owners are guilty or rushing into a new pet relationship after the death of a fur baby. Having something new to focus on acts as a distraction.

    A friend’s dog we think was also abused previously. She doesn’t like blonde women. And rather than getting scared will get overtly aggressive. People who hurt fur babies need to have the crap kicked out of them.

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