Petting Zoo Fun (aka Trying Not to Step in Animal Poo)

After months and months of having it on my list, Jack and I finally had a chance to check out Baugher’s Petting Zoo over the weekend. The petting zoo is located right near their ‘you pick your own’ orchards and is an easy drive from both Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC.

Of course, it’s an even easier drive for me – 15 minutes to be exact – which is why I’m kicking myself for not visiting before now.

The best part: it’s TOTALLY FREE! There is no fee for the petting zoo and it’s less than a dollar if you want to use their coin machines to purchase zoo food. It’s also insanely pretty out there with the animals, so bring your camera for an impromptu photo shoot.


There is a playground outside the zoo area, along with a HUGE pipe that you can slide down. And yes, I was the only grown up there that jumped inside the pipe with my kid and screamed as we rocketed out the other end.


In cages at the entrance of the petting zoo were gorgeous peacocks, a couple sleepy piggys, chickens and bunnies. There were also some roosters wandering around.



Once I figured out how to open the gate, we walked around the open petting zoo area. Jack found a pile of discarded feed and hand-fed the sheep. He also checked out the (apparently fat) donkey, little pony and stared down a goat.




I’m pretty sure this is my new favorite picture. I just love that Batman and the goat are having a staring contest…


Oh yeah, and we totally stepped in a bunch of poo. Animals running around means poo all over the place, so definitely don’t wear your best shoes when you come to visit!

We had a super fun time petting and feeding the animals, but nothing compared to how much fun Jack had at the miniature hand washing sink.


I’m not even kidding. Even after playing on the swing sets, sliding down the pipe and petting all the animals, he only decided to complain when I tried to get him away from the sink to take him home!

If you are a Marylander and are looking for something fun do to with younger kids, I absolutely recommend stopping by the petting zoo. Also, while you’re there, be sure to stop by their market to grab some fresh fruit and jams. I was super disappointed to miss strawberry picking season, so I’m hoping that we will be able to get by as soon as the peaches are ready to be picked in the orchard!

Have you visited a petting zoo recently? I was kind of obsessed with the bearded goat and wanted to take him home with me! Do you wish you had a Batman shirt with a velcroed on cape to wear around?

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5 thoughts on “Petting Zoo Fun (aka Trying Not to Step in Animal Poo)”

  1. SOOO cute! Jack is getting so big. 🙂 I am so glad to find out about this…I can take Isabella. She’ll be 3 in March and that sounds like a perfect age for this type of experience. Thanks Julie!

  2. Haha! I actually DO own a Batman shirt with a velcro cape. No lie. I got it last Halloween. Jack and I could be twinsies. We have an apple orchard near us with a petting zoo that’s mostly full of goats. I friggin love goats!

  3. We definitely need to get up and visit this place. We’ve been to the restaurant many times, the best fried chicken ever, but not the farm.

    Let’s go when peaches are ready and make peach cobbler! And some kind of yummy peach drink!

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