Plane Awkwardness Caused by Tom Cruise

While I LOVE traveling, sometimes (um…always) I really wish I could just use some Floo powder rather than deal with the hassles of flying on an airplane.

Of course, this time it was totally my own darn fault.

And no, I’m not talking about the rude, rude, RUDE boy who took up more than his share of room.

Before I left Austin to come home, I decided to do my usual and download a movie to watch on my Kindle during the flight. I was having a hard time finding a movie I wanted to see and finally decided to watch Rock of Ages.

I figured it was the perfect choice – I wanted a comedy to keep me entertained and my husband refuses to watch anything where people sing or dance. So, I happily downloaded it and decided to start the movie once we were up in the air.

It was pretty good.
And funny.
And I was totally tapping my toes along with some of the awesome 80’s jams.

And then came a naughty part.

Two of the characters sang “I Want to Know What Love Is” while getting a little sexy. There was clothing coming off, Tom Cruise singing to Malin Akerman’s butt, and some spread eagle legs.

Which was totally fine because I’m a GROWN UP. However, the older gentleman sitting 1 ½ inches from me was also watching.

Or should I say, trying not to watch.

So there is Tom Cruise fondling some boobies while the lady sticks her tongue in his ear – which was actually pretty hilarious – and the guy next to me stares. Then, looks away. Then stares again.

Then, the lady kneels down and rips Tommy boy’s pants open with her mouth (also funny… but not to someone who hasn’t been watching the movie) and my seatmate is watching.

So then I start to squirm a little. I mean, unless this guy has seen the movie he’s probably thinking that I’m a dirty bird watching porn right next to him.

What? Don’t believe me?

Here’s the scene. You’ve been warned.

So yeah, I’m only watching Disney movies on flights from now on.

Have you ever been caught watching something embarrassing on a flight?

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5 thoughts on “Plane Awkwardness Caused by Tom Cruise”

  1. Love it! I really like this movie too. I think Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand totally stole the show.

    I wish I could let my ten-year old daughter watch, she’d love it, except there are all of those naughty parts.

    I watched Sherlock the last time I had to fly as my undying love for it and Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman were enough to keep me from having a panic attack on the plane.

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