Poll Results: Bring on the Comfies

As I’ve been on the internet 24/7 with the whole coronavirus-all-day-every-day newsfeed, there is one thing I see popping up again and again. Now that a bunch of people are suddenly working from home, I see lots of proclamations that people are still planning to get dressed up for work for mental health reasons.

And I find that super confusing. Because my mental health is really, really happy with this new no makeup, comfy clothes lifestyle.

I mean, I get up each morning and change out of my pajamas… but I change directly into my home leisurewear, which is typically joggers/sweatpants/leggings on the bottom and a t-shirt/comfy sweatshirt combo up top. And slippers.

So, I got to thinking and did a happy little Instagram poll to see what you all are doing. And I LOOOVED your answers (I edited out usernames for privacy). Here are a few of the responses I received:

So, it seems like the majority of us are Team Comfies.

But, if it makes you happy to put on actual clothing and makeup, you know what they say: You Be You! Every little bit of happiness is worth it!

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