Poncho/Shawl/Cape Goodness

You guys, I don’t know what to call this thing… but you basically need to go out and buy one right now. When I was in NYC a couple weeks ago, I picked up this poncho/shawl/cape hybrid thingie and it is basically my favorite socially acceptable way to wear a blanket out in public.

Want proof? Look, here is a plain and boring outfit that I wear all the time. Black t-shirt, jeans and boots:


Now, all I do is add my snuggly blanket of goodness and LOOK:


Pretty darn cute, right?! It actually looks like I put a little effort into looking fashionable, but in reality it feels like I’m walking around in pajamas and a freaking blanket. WINTER WIN right there my friends.

Oh, and look it is even adorable from the side view. And check out the hood-up version giving me Little Red Riding Hood vibes:


Pretty much the moment I bought this thing I started wearing it. Over my coat. With my pajamas while watching TV shows in my hotel room. On the train. Basically, I’m in love.

I looked around for some similar options online and I have to say that one thing I really like about mine is that it doesn’t go over your head and mess up your hair. Some of the turtleneck looking ones would just make me a frizz/static queen in about 20 seconds.

I did find a few that look kind of similar though:

This one by Love Stitch for $29.97 on the Nordstrom Rack website has a similar size and feel but no hood. There is one at Last Call by Neiman Marcus that actually does have a hood and it’s on sale right now. Last, this one on Amazon is only $20 and has fun fringe too.

Are you jumping on the hooded shawl/scarf/thingie bandwagon with me?


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