Product Recommendation: Do You Have Cold Feet?

You guys… I have quite the product recommendation for you! One of my pet peeves in working from home is that my feet get so, so cold. I typically have the heat a little lower during the day, and when I’m sitting at my desk for hours on end… my feet turn into ice cubes. Even with socks and slippers AND a blanket on my lap.

I searched on Amazon and found all sorts of options from disposable foot warmer packs to microwaveable socks. However, I didn’t want something disposable and I also didn’t want to run downstairs to put my socks in the microwave throughout the day.

And then I found this: Electric Heated Foot Warmer.


It’s basically a heating pad with holes for your feet! When my feet start getting a little chilly, I turn the foot warmer on high and snuggle my toes into the pockets. And they stay warm all day long! It’s amazing and so warm and comfy. And when I’m feeling fancy, I put some lotion on my feet, cover them in socks and toast them – so they are warm AND my feet are nice and soft afterwards.

The best part is that I’ve been able to totally break my habit of turning the house thermostat 3 degrees warmer each day at 11am when I can no longer stand it. So, we should see a little extra savings on our heat bill this month.

Oh, and added bonus… Ollie loves it too.

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