Purging by Vote: Dresses

I tend to have a bit of a rotating closet. I’ll find something for a steal, wear it a bit and decide to release it back into the wild. Or sometimes, I’ll find something and keep it forever and ever… but that’s less likely.

On days that I go into an office for work, I like to do an Outfit of the Day photo (aka #00td) and share it on Instagram. It’s a nice way to keep track of what makes me feel great, and what doesn’t quite work out for me.

Every so often, I go through my folder of previous outfits and inevitably HATE an outfit in hindsight. It’s funny how that works. Of course, I don’t automatically throw the offending garment from my closet and light it on fire. However, I do kind of frown and snark at it when I see it in passing. And probably won’t wear it again for quite a while. {And then I sell it}

So I decided to go through some of my so-so outfits and let you vote. I’m not going to go into any narrative about each contender – because it really doesn’t matter if I spent a lot or a little on a piece if it doesn’t look very good on me.

You can pick more than one if you’d like… or all of them, if you think I should purge them all!

The Survey is CLOSED. Check out the results here: Results of the Dress Purge Voting!

Feel free to leave any additional comments below!

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