Quick Shop Guide: My Universal Studios Trip Must Haves

My last post on our Universal Studio’s Orlando trip pretty much just covered all the fun we got ourselves into on the trip (find it here). I also wanted to throw together some of those items that made my life so much easier… which brings me to this quick shop guide. This can work for a theme park trip of your own, or really any sort of travel where you will be doing a bunch of walking and don’t want to haul a bunch of crap.

#1 Comfy Shoes
Duh. Right? Obviously if you are going to be running around all day long you are going to need comfortable shoes to get through the day. Everyone has their own comfort level though… so here is what worked for me:

Source: DSW.com


For water ride days: Skechers Reggae Haystack Sport Sandal, $40
I’ve had a pair of Tevas for more than 20 years and was planning to take them with me…but I couldn’t find them when I was packing. So, I made a quick trip to DSW and grabbed this exact pair of ‘sport sandals’ for $40. I was nervous breaking them in on days where I’d be walking 7 – 10 miles, but they were GREAT and super comfortable to wear. They also had a little arch support because the foot bed had a ‘flexible and shock absorbing rubber traction sole’. All in all, I was very happy with both the price point and the comfort of these.

For regular days: Toms Classic Slip-On, $30
I have a bunch of pairs of Toms, so I brought some with me knowing that I’d probably end up ruining them. They actually still looked great at the end of the week, so a big win for Toms! I find Tom’s classic slip-on’s very comfy, but they don’t offer a ton of support if you need it. I like how they look good with skirts, dresses, shorts and jeans and are super lightweight and breathable. If you are new to Toms, I suggest going by Nordstrom Rack and picking a cheap pair instead of buying them full price elsewhere.

#2 A Smaller Purse Situation
Running around the park, I wanted to be as hands-free as possible but still needed to carry around a few things. On water ride days, I left my cellphone in the room (which is why I don’t have any pictures) and used just a fanny pack. On regular days, I used a little cross-body bag that fit my iPhone, chapstick, SPF and my mini wallet. Our travel agent provided us with our lanyards, which we used for our room key, park ticket and express passes.

Source: fitletic.com


Fanny Pack: Fitletic Bold Runners Pouch, $27
I bought a fitletic running belt years ago and use it to hold my phone, license and keys when I go out for runs. It’s great because it is waterproof, comfortable and kind of cute. If I were buying one specifically for the theme parks, I would chose a larger version like the one I linked to. It’s $27 and has two pouches to separate your phone from your other stuff. Genius!

Cross-Body Purse: Cross-Body Bag with Tassel from Amazon, $21.95
I bought mine at South Moon Under last fall and use it ALL THE TIME. Mine is no longer in stock, but I found a cool one on Amazon for $22 that comes in 6 different colors.

Source: Amazon.com


Mini Wallet: MEKU wallet, $9
In order to pare down my stuff enough to fit it into a fanny pack or mini cross-body bag, I had to take my wallet down to the bare basics. This mini wallet is perfect for traveling and I’ve had it for over a year now. It’s only $9 and totally worth it!

#3 FREE Water All Day, Every Day

Source: Amazon.com


Water Bottle: Brita Sport Water Filter Bottle, $7
When you are running around a theme park all day in 90 degree heat, you need to be sure to keep yourself hydrated. Universal Studios sells cups that you can use to refill sodas all day, but we were trying to keep the calories under control. I’d much rather splurge on a marshmallow milkshake than soda all day! You can buy bottled water, but that also adds up when you have three thirsty people walking in the heat. I’ve had this Brita Sport Water Filter bottle for a few years and it’s great. It filters the water for you and also has a hook where you can attach a carabineer (to then hook on your husband’s belt loop…). Everywhere in the park will give you free ice and water, so we kept hydrated for a grand total of $0.

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