Quicky Update… Now with MORE Beeping!

I’ve been doing so well at posting 2 – 3 times every week like I promised forever ago and darn if I’m going to let myself fall off the wagon NOW!

Most of you know that I’m chillin’ like a villain in Vancouver this week for a work conference and if you didn’t know you can stop by my bloggy Facebook page to keep up with my hi-jinx. Or my Instagram feed for random pictures of my adventures like one of my reveling in the fact that I have FOUR pillows all to MYSELF! Yeah, I’m LIVING LARGE people!

I promise to fill you all in on everything as soon as I can, but for now I’ll just share this odd little interaction between me and the housekeeper yesterday:

{beep… beep… beep… I’m stalking around my hotel room like a crazy person because I hear a very odd beeping noise.}

Me: (pokes head out door to see if the beeping is coming from the hallway and sees housekeeper) Hi! Do you hear beeping?

Housekeeper: Beeping? Um… don’t worry about the beeping.

Me: Um, I’m not WORRIED about the beeping. I’m just wondering where it’s coming from?

Housekeeper: Oh. Well don’t be concerned. There is nothing to be concerned about with the beeping.

Me: Well, I wasn’t CONCERNED (until now…). I was just wondering WHAT was beeping. I mean, it’s not driving me crazy or anything (it is). I just think that if I were trying to sleep at night that all I would hear is the beep…

Housekeeper: Don’t worry about that. There is nothing to be afraid of. Don’t worry about the beeping. It just happens sometimes. Don’t be scared.

Me: ….okay. Thanks.

A couple minutes after I shut my door and wondered if the beeping was a sign that I should be worried… the beeping turned into a super loud BEEEEEEEEEP that scared the crap out of me and then stopped.

So, I should probably go and finish getting ready now considering that I need to put on make up, dry my hair and get dressed within the next 7 minutes. Feel free to leave your comments with your best guesses to what the heck was up with the beeping!

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5 thoughts on “Quicky Update… Now with MORE Beeping!”

  1. That’s just freaking weird!!! Don’t be afraid of the beeping?? How about WTF IS the beeping??? Now I’m concerned. Maybe a smoke detector with a low battery?

  2. Yeah, I would call the front desk and ask them to make it stop or give you a different room because you didn’t pay for beeping (that’s extra).
    I would guess it’s from an alarm of some sort. But would want to kill it with fire regardless.

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