Red Door Spa: Kerastase Deluxe Ritual & #GalSquad Givaway

{Disclaimer: I am a Red Door Spa #GalSquad Ambassador and receive services at no cost.}

This month’s Red Door Spa ambassador service was one that I’ve really been needing for a while. I’m trying to decide what to do with my hair color… it’s currently kind of a mish-mash of darker roots and faded red color. So, it worked out great that my January #GalSquad service was the Kerastase Deluxe Ritual.

The Keratase Deluxe Ritual ($50) is ideal as a standalone treatment for when your hair needs a little TLC. The Ritual features Nutritive Protocole Immunite which focuses on bringing lost moisture back to the hair.  It is best suited for those looking for deep and long-lasting results restored from within. It’s completely color safe, and lasts in the hair for up to two weeks.

I stopped by the Baltimore location of the Red Door Spa and like I said, my poor hair was really needing some attention. Emily washed my hair and added the Keratase treatment specifically for hair that has been color-treated. After it was in, I relaxed under some heat lamps for about 20 minutes.

Then, back to the sinks to have my hair washed out. She then gave me pretty much the best blowout and hairstyle I’ve ever had. I mean, COME ON. Look at those waves?!

After the treatment my hair was (and is) so incredibly soft and just feels very healthy. According to Emily, it will last about 14 – 16 washes, so I’m looking forward to lots more days of super silky hair. This was a really awesome service and I would totally do this again to give my poor damaged locks a little TLC.

Here’s one more picture. I was really feeling my look…

Special #GalSquad Giveaway
My friends at Red Door Spa are having an exclusive giveaway for just #GalSquad readers! One lucky reader will receive a 50 minute Swedish Couple’s Massage at The Red Door Spa location of their choice. This classic stress-relieving, medium pressure technique, using varied strokes of gliding and kneading to promote circulation and an overall sense of well-being is the perfect Valentine’s gift! You have from now until 1/31/17 to enter and one winner will be chosen nationally. (Disclaimer: Winner chosen at random. Offer has no cash value).

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope one of my Pocketful of Joules readers is the winner!!


Disclaimer: I am a Red Door Spa #GalSquad Ambassador and receive services at no cost.

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8 thoughts on “Red Door Spa: Kerastase Deluxe Ritual & #GalSquad Givaway”

  1. Your hair looks so amazing!! I’ve been debating getting highlights in my drab hair, but since they’re so drying, this treatment sounds great to repair hair. Off to Red Door’s website to check out all of their services!

  2. My favorite salon experience is getting my hair washed! Seriously there is just no better relaxation than laying back, warm water running, and hands massaging your scalp!

  3. Wow! What a difference- It’s always amazing to me with the proper tools and products can do for your hair, house, and life! (not to mention your psyche) You were beautiful before and now you’re beautiful with fabulous hair! Happy Friday!

  4. Massage, for sure. I work on a computer all day and hold stress in my shoulders. I just earned a promotion/job change, but had to ‘resign’ from my current place to transition, so my shoulders could use some work!

  5. Stunning! Absolutely stunning! I definitely need to do this to my hair. It used to be so full and thick. For some reason now, it’s gotten very very thin and weak. Truly makes me sad. I, too, am going to head over to Red Door Spa and check out all the services they have to offer. This is why I think your blog is phenomenal! It’s normal everyday stuff that we can actually use in our lives. Keep it up, Joules! I’m a huge fan of yours and appreciate the time and effort you put into each and every post.

  6. Your hair looks great!

    My favorite to get done at a spa would be a wash & blowout. My hair never looks as good as it does when I get it blown out at the salon.

    The treatment would be great for my hair as it is in terrible shape after a bad dye job.

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