Returning to the World of Marketing

So, I put on my ‘grown up pants’ this week and went back to work. Well, maybe not my grown up pants – but actual dress pants instead of my typical maternity leave wardrobe of Under Armour comfy pants.

Anyways, back to the subject at hand…going back to work.

For the first couple months I’ll be working part-time while my maternity leave runs out, and then I’ll be back to full-time in mid-June.

I woke up super early Tuesday morning (partly my idea, partly my son’s idea…) and started my new routine of getting Jack ready and then getting myself ready. I loaded us and all our stuff into the car, stopped by Starbucks*, and went up the road to drop him off at my mother’s house.

I am very proud to say that at no point did I cry.

I feel like everyone cries when they first drop off their kid so that they can return to work, but I didn’t. Not even a little bit.

This is one of the pictures that my mom sent to me while watching Jack — LOVE it!

And it’s not because I’m a super heartless person who doesn’t care that I’m leaving my baby behind. Mostly it’s because I fully trust my mom to take just as good care of Jack as I do. She did a pretty awesome job with me, my brother and my sisters, so I really doubt she’s going to screw up my kid.

So, I returned to work on Tuesday and have to say that I LOVED being back. It was so great to see my coworkers and meet the new bossy boss** that started in my absence. I enjoyed my first staff meeting back and was able to add to the discussion – even with my mommy brain and lack of talking to adults for the past two months.

Now, I have to say I was exhausted after working two super long 13 hour days at work, but all in all it was great to be back. I’m really glad that I have the option of working part-time to ease my way back into the swing of things.

So for those of you who are sick to death of me writing about my baby and want me to return to posting on marketing and business practices – I promise I’ll do better!

Obviously I’m not going to fully omit my random thoughts about Jack or my adventures in being a mommy, but I will also be focusing on how I’m juggling being a working mother and still having a life.

I mean, I hope I’ll still have a life…

I guess I’ll figure that out as I go along.

* Dear Starbucks, I love your drive-through so much. The friendly ladies that work there and the massive amount of hot caffeinated deliciousness that I can get without even leaving the car makes my life so much better. Love, Julie

** Definition of “bossy boss”: the boss of my boss.

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