Reviewing Alltrue: Summer 2021 Box

In between the Spring 2021 box and the Summer 2021 box, Causebox rebranded the company and is now known as Alltrue. They put out lots of shiny marketing reasons to explain the rebrand, but the word on the street is that it was because there are so many online complaints about Causebox and they were trying to escape them.

I take ‘word on the street’ with a grain of salt… however, if you search Better Business Bureau for Causebox, you’ll see quite an eyeful.

Anywho, I skipped my Spring Causebox because I was not impressed with any of the box spoilers. It was a mix of unexciting items and stuff that I really didn’t need (or want) in my house. So, I sent them an email and skipped the box.

And I’m going to be honest, I almost did the same with the Summer box. I’ve been getting Causebox (now Alltrue) for years and there has been a favorite stand-out product in every box that has made it worth the money. However, the Summer box was just kind of ‘eh’, but had *just* enough that I went ahead without pausing it.

Let’s check it out:

Choice 1: Solo Stone Bracelet by Ettika or Traveling Cutlery Set by Small Hours

This choice was between a cubic zirconia bracelet or a set of travel cutlery. I knew I’d never wear the bracelet, so I went with the cutlery. I figure I could throw this in my lunchbox for work. It’s not very exciting though and it’s quite possible I still won’t end up using it at all since we have silverware and a dishwasher at my office.

Choice 2: Bamboozle 5-Piece Nesting Bowls, a MANNA Hydration Nautical Cooler Tote or an Enchante Home Oversized Roundie Towel

I didn’t need another towel (I have probably 5 from previous year’s subscription boxes) and really don’t need a travel cooler bag. The nesting bowl set is in 5 sizes and pretty colors, so I went with that one for my choice. However, I already have pretty bowls from previous Causeboxes AND I already have a 3-piece mixing bowl set from Crate & Barrel with the non-slip bottoms. So, once again, didn’t need this at all. Hopefully they will get used though.

Choice 3: COSMEDIX Skin Thirst Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Cream or COSMEDIX Bakuchiol Complete Plant-Based Retinol Alternative Serum.

I love trying new beauty products, so these two choices were exactly what I was looking for. I already have a hyaluronic cream that I like, so I decided to try the retinol alternative serum. When I run out of my current retinol product (love the oil from Sunday Riley), I’ll give this one a try.

Choice 4: Brand With A Heart OMG Leave-in Conditioner Blend or WAY OF WILL Brightening Face Serum.

This was a bit of an odd choice, since they JUST had this exact Way of the Will face serum in the fall box. However, I’m running low on that exact serum and was ready to order another bottle from the Way of the Will website. The cost for the serum is $37.50 so it made sense to get it as part of the subscription box I had already paid for.

Choice 5: Golden & Pine Waffle Dishclothes, Reduce To-Go Bowl, MYTAGALONGS Packing Cubes, or Coalatree Packable Hammock.

For the last choice item, I picked the hammock. But not for myself, my husband mentioned that he’d like one so he can try to rig something up in his tractor trailer when he’s waiting for hours in the cab. I don’t know if this will work for his needs, but at least it was *free* in that there wasn’t any other item choice that I was crazy about. I mean, a metal soup bowl, packing cubes or dishcloths? Not much fun there.

Item 6: Hanalei Company SPF Lip Trio.

The last item in the box was a three-pack of lip balm. Eh.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, I found this box super disappointing. There was no WOW item at all. While not every item has to blow me away, I’ve come to expect something fantastic to be included in the box. I believe that the Summer box was the last box on my current subscription, so as they release the spoilers for the Fall box, I’ll think long and hard about whether I want to continue with Alltrue. For this box, the only saving grace was that it cost me $49.95 and I was planning to spend $37.50 on the serum anyways.

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3 thoughts on “Reviewing Alltrue: Summer 2021 Box”

  1. Maybe you could use some of thos bowls as planters? You could use them around the house, maybe use fake succulents, or real plants. If real, you’d have to work on the drainage for them. Get a terracotta saucer for under each one, if using real plants.

    At least you found a few things you can use! The new name is kind of weird, like every thing people are saying is Alltrue!

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