Reviewing Dashing Diva Nail Strips (Compared to Color Street)

I’ve established before that I’m a fan of nail strips. In fact, I’ve reviewed both Color Street and Jamberry in the past. Basically, other than a professional manicure, nail strips are the only way I can have pretty nails. Which bring us to my latest experiment: Dashing Diva Nail Strips.

Color Street was my absolute favorite, but I figured I’d give Dashing Diva a try since they were so easy to buy (Color Street has to be ordered online) and they were cheaper ($6.99 per pack vs $12 per pack).

I picked up my first couple sets of Dashing Diva nail strips on a random Target run on impulse. Here are the exact ones I used for my first try: Dashing Diva Rose Sparkle. They also have their own Dashing Diva website with even more options: Dashing Diva Website.

My initial thoughts were that they were a bit more difficult to put on, had less size options than Color Street, and felt kind of plastic. More like a nail sticker than nail polish.

Now that I’ve tried a few different packs of strips over the last few months, I have a few additional thoughts:

Putting Them On: I still find them tricky to put on because my nails don’t necessary match exactly with their sizing options. However, one trick I found is once you get them on your nail, rather than using the included nail file, I like to use a nail clipper to clip the strip at the very end of my fingernail to get a perfect fit.

Wear and Tear. While the finish on the Dashing Diva nail strips is more ‘plastic’ than the real nail polish of Color Street, it has some benefits. First, they do NOT chip at all. Rather than chipping at the tips, I found that I might get a little bit of lift around the edges at the end of the week.

Here is what they looked like after one week – you can see the regrowth but there is no chipping!

Taking Them Off: Color Street nail strips are made of actual nail polish in strips, so to remove them you need to use nail polish remover. With some of the glitter shades, this is frustrating because it takes a long time to break through all that glitter polish. Dashing Diva nail strips are more like a nail sticker, so when you want to take them off you can just rip them off like a band-aid. It is best to first put a few drops of nail oil around the edges first so you don’t harm your nails.

Sometimes They Just Don’t Want to Play Nice: I’ve had a couple times when I’d go through my normal routine of drying my nails out with alcohol and then applying the strips only for one to just fall back off and not want to stick. It’s annoying and frustrating and I have no idea why this happens. So, I’ve found it’s best to just try again with a new strip.

While I haven’t been wearing nail strips on a regular basis since I’m mostly teleworking, I do like to put a new pair on every so often to brighten my day. I’ve found that they last about 7 – 10 days easily. At that point, I usually have enough regrowth that I just go ahead and rip them off. After removing the nail strips, my nails are quite dry… so I massage in some cuticle oil or hand lotion and then give my nails a break for a while before sticking on a new set.

Have you tried Dashing Diva nail polish strips? What do you think of them?

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23 thoughts on “Reviewing Dashing Diva Nail Strips (Compared to Color Street)”

  1. I tried dashing diva and love their designs but by the end of the first day they lift and I just rip them off. I found that applying them over a clear coat of curated gel work best. I still prefer color street, Incoco and Coco but my favorite styles go out of stock fast.

  2. My Dashing Diva usually lasts the whole two weeks. I usually buff my nails to rough them up a little before applying the alcohol. And I always push back my cuticles. I love them! Can’t see spending almost twice as much for Color street.

    1. Dashing Diva are the Best!!!! and I’ve tried others. They are so simple to apply, and YES the alcohol wiping before makes a huge difference so I highly recommend not skipping this important step. After day 8 they still look fabulous!!!

  3. I like dashing diva so much more than color street because they are more economical. Color street dries out no matter what I did to reseal the pack. Not so with dashing diva. I don’t experience lifting. My trick is to run water over your nails right after application and pat them dry. The water helps the glue adhere better.

    1. One trick I have found to reseal my color street strips is to put the back in the little plastic they come in. I then take my straighter and seal the end closed completely. Hope this helps!!

    2. Color Street does not guarantee the quality of nail strips that are resealed after opening. Since the product is made from real nail polish it will start to dry out after exposed to air. I use Abby’s technique below and also put some of mine in the freezer. You must do this quickly after opening a pack since they have already been exposed to air.

      1. I fold the end of the plastic package over and using packing tape to seal it. I’ve found that this works out fine if I use the remaining nail strips within a month or so.

    3. Try putting the extra Color Street in the freezer to keep them from drying out. This the tip I was told, but I haven’t been able to try yet. My contact/rep for the color street agrees. That is also how I get them quickly.

  4. They stay on my nails for 2-3 weeks and if my nails are too grown out I just move them down and trim the nail. Even after moving them down if I get in a hot tub they don’t come off. The downside so they are drying so I could not use them without a break.

  5. I love dashing diva. I use a base coat first & end with top coat. The reason they are peeling from the tips is because you are filing wrong. I did the same thing as you. I learned you have to fold the sticker at the tip of your nail and file downwards not across. Makes a huge difference.

  6. The Dashing Diva nails peeled off the next day! I feel like I’m wearing stickers on my fingers. I put one back on with the base coat actually wet. I’ll see how this works.

  7. Dashing diva are amazing to me. I’m hard on my hands and low maintenance.

    Prep is super important. Make sure your hands are very clean. Push back all cuticles evenly. Buff nails. Wipe with acetone or alcohol. Pic a strip the right size. Start at the cuticle edge and don’t overlap. Press and slightly stretch while pulling and sticking toward the tip. Rub onto nail. Fold excess edge, pulling tightly to stick to underside of finger. File downward, following nail.egde, with glass file or the one in the pack. Don’t saw and don’t use a rough file. Fi is with one coat of top coat and seal the edge.
    Mine last 2 to 3 weeks even with all my activities.they don’t ever chip. The slightly shrink over time. I remove when growth is obvi. Looove

  8. Nail clips with nail polish remover on a cotton ball is my favorite way to remove nail polish 5 minutes and even glitter polish just slides right off.

  9. I did not like Dashing Diva at all! They look cheap, like plastic. They are hard to put on and yes, you have to be sure not to fray the edges but even if you get that right they still look cheap and childish. Not worth the money

  10. I have used both Color Street and Dashing Diva. Color Street lasts a couple of days at the most without showing wear on the ends. For the price, not worth the effort. I have also used Dashing Diva, with the Glaze and cure with the lamp. I typically get about 10 days. Sometimes, if I am not careful, they will lift on the edges, but that is due to my application, not the product. If I had to choose one, it would be Dashing Diva. They are packed well, do not dry out, and last longer on the nail. And they are less expensive to purchase!

  11. Thanks everyone for the helpful tips, I have just bought some Dashing Diva strips and I was wondering whether they could be used with base/top coat (I use b/t a LOT as my nails are thin and break easily – Beauty Secrets base and top coat from Sally Beauty are AMAZING and affordable), how to prep nails for best adhesion, cutting off the excess, etc. and you’ve addressed everything I wanted to know! I, too, am hard on my nails and wondered how the strips would hold up. The internet is great for this kind of thing and I appreciate your input! Just a side note – I see DD is available at Ulta, Target and Walmart online, Sally Beauty and of course on the Dashing Diva website, but it looks like Target online has the lowest price.

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