Reviewing Overtone Vibrant Orange Conditioner: 6 Month Update

Back in May, I published a super full and wordy review of Overtone’s Vibrant Orange conditioners (both the deep conditioner and the daily conditioner). You can find it here. Long story short, I love being a redhead… but hate the upkeep that comes with dying my hair red. I was looking for a way to stay ginger between salon appointments, rather than paying all that money and having my hair fade to brown within a couple of weeks. I decided to try Overtone’s color depositing conditioner.

Okay, we are all caught up now.

Anyways, in the spring when I started using the Vibrant Orange Deep Treatment ($28) and the Vibrant Orange Daily Conditioner ($17) I made some mistakes with timing. First, I used the deep conditioner for too long, which caused my hair to be oversaturated with color and veer towards the fantasy-colored look I wanted to avoid. Then, over the summer I got a little crazy with using the daily conditioner too often and my hair slowly went WAY too orange.

I had my last salon appointment 11 weeks ago and I think I’ve finally perfected my Overtone routine.

Here I am freshly dyed on August 28th in my professional headshot taken for work:

My colorist has finally figured out the exact shade of bright copper I’ve been wanting.

I have not used the deep conditioner at ALL since my last appointment.

Here is my new color-keeping routine:

  • I only use Overtone daily conditioner 1 – 2 times a week. I use a big blob of Vibrant Orange and then I add in a little squeeze of Vibrant Red. This keeps my hair from going TOO orange over time.
  • Rather than covering ALL my hair with the color depositing conditioner, I first work it through the ends of my hair and then work my way up to halfway… and stop. I put my regular conditioner on the top half of my hair.
  • I only leave the conditioner on while I do the rest of my shower routine – probably about 3 – 4 minutes, then I wash it out.

That’s it. It’s been 11 weeks since my last colorist appointment and I’m still pretty close to the same shade of ginger she dyed me in August. With roots, of course. Unfortunately my hair won’t just start growing in the proper shade of red that I want. But at least I don’t have any grays yet!

And yes, I know that comparing a photo taken with my iphone on my front porch to a professional headshot taken with a super expensive camera is kind of like comparing apples to oranges…

By concentrating the color on the ends of my hair, it helps my roots be a little less noticeable as they grow out. Before, it was SUPER orange/red next to brown. Now it’s much more gradual so I can get to 11 weeks of re-growth before going crazy. As it is, I have a color appointment this afternoon to get my roots touched up so that it’s all fresh and pretty for my sister’s upcoming wedding!

I feel like I’ve finally found the holy grail of being a (fake) copper haired lady all year long!

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One thought on “Reviewing Overtone Vibrant Orange Conditioner: 6 Month Update”

  1. I will have to try that! I am a redhead, too. I find Pantene shampoo keeps it red longer than other products. Perfect 10 color, which you can no longer get in the store,is available on Amazon. That lasts the longest of any color I have used. I will try Overtone. I could use a new product to play with.

    I think you have more color in your after! Really pretty.

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