Revisiting 2016: Top Family Posts

With the year coming to a close, I thought I’d take this last week of 2016 to revisit some of my most popular posts from the last 12 months.

So join me in checking out my Top 5 Family Posts… maybe you missed them the first time around so it’s all new to you!

#1: My Family Tree
When my grandfather passed away, I saw our Family Tree for the first time at his funeral. I updated it to include some recent additions and shared it with you all.

#2: The Bedtime Routine
We’re not really sure how the routine started… but it’s still going strong.

#3: It Took Me a Year to Potty Train my Son
Potty training was the worst thing that ever happened to me. And I’m pretty sure Jack pooped his pants right after I published this post.

#4: Jack Turns 4
Holy crap, and now he’s almost 5.

#5: Kid Play Area: Growing Up
I’m still totally loving my reading nook and can’t wait to snuggle up when there is snow outside.

I hope you enjoyed looking back at some of my favorite posts. Tomorrow I’ll be posting my Top 5 Fashion posts and then on Thursday you’ll get my Top 5 Random posts of 2016!

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