Jack Turns 4

My little boy turns 4 today.

When parents say how time flies, they are totally not kidding. It seems like not too long ago I was typing up the words for The Story of Jack and driving back and forth to visit him in the NICU.

A blink of the eye later, and I was trying hard to put into words how I felt on his first birthday.

A split second after that, Jack was learning to walk, starting to talk, having opinions and saying things like “ACTUALLY, I think that is inappropriate.”

By the way, can someone please tell me how my kid knows the word ‘inappropriate’ and why he keeps using it?

Anyways, I’m apparently totally spoiling my kid because we are celebrating for an entire week. It started on Friday, with his school birthday celebration. Per Jack’s very specific request, I provided the class with yellow cake cupcakes with white icing and Spiderman rings. No, I didn’t make them… but I totally put the rings in, so I’m counting them as partially homemade.


At school they do a really sweet little ceremony for each child’s birthday, where they have them stand in the center of the circle and walk an earth around the sun while singing a special song:

The earth goes around the sun one time, sun one time, sun one time… Jack is one year old.

The earth goes around the sun two times, sun two times, sun two times… Jack is two years old.

The earth goes around the sun three times, sun three times, sun three times… Jack is three years old.

The earth goes around the sun four times, sun four times, sun four times… now Jack is four years old!

I may have teared up a little, because it really does seem to have gone that quickly.

We celebrated some more over the weekend with a couple gifts on Saturday and a couple more on Sunday. I mean, what is the fun of gifts if you don’t get a whole day at home to play with your new toys? On Friday we’re going to Great Wolf Lodge to finish our celebration with some time at the water park. We’ve never been, so I’m kind of excited to try it out.

Today though — on his actual birthday — I totally lucked out because it snowed overnight and I’m able to stay home with Jack all day long. So, it looks like for his 4th Birthday we will be spending it in our pajamas with lots of hugs and kisses and a cake. Sounds pretty good to me!

Happy Birthday Jack from mommy. I love you more than a million. Always.


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2 thoughts on “Jack Turns 4”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special kid! So thankful to know you, Jack, you are more awesome every time I see you and you’re getting so big so fast. I hope you have a super fun week! 😀 <3

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