Talking Instagram & a Quick Question for You

I’m just going to throw this out there into the world — because good things tend to happen when you publicly state your intentions — one of my blog goals for this year is to grow my Instagram page.

Oh, you didn’t know I had an Instagram page?

Well, click on over to find PocketfulofJoules over there too!
BOOM, one more follower.
I hope.

Anyways, I’m not really the type of girl to post pictures of my girlie bits to get followers… so I thought I’d just tell you all and hope that you’d like to follow me. It sounds kind of simple, but those plans tend to be the ones that work the best, right?

I love using Instagram as a way to do a daily check in. If you like my Stitch Fix reviews, well you might like to see how I style the items I buy. If you like cute kids and fuzzy rescue dogs… well, Jack and Ollie often make appearances. If you like emoticons, well I use ‘heart eyes’ and ‘wink face’ like a champ. If you like inspirational fitness pictures… you may see one someday. {wink face}

I also like to use my Instagram account as a nifty way for me to do kind of a ‘micro blog’ when I have something to share that wouldn’t necessarily make a whole blog post.

Like this:

Or this:

So, what else do I post?
Well, stuff like this:

IG stream

And now for the question… tell me WHY you follow someone on Instagram. Is it to get inspiration with outfit pictures, to see something silly, to get the behind-the-scenes stories on bloggers you like, or some other reason? Enlighten me!

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3 thoughts on “Talking Instagram & a Quick Question for You”

  1. I follow pages for a variety of reasons. I like seeing what people are wearing, I’m into essential oils so I follow pages that post tips/roller ball recipes, I follow salons to see hair pics, and I love pages that have contests/giveaways.

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