Ripping Apart My House

Now that my summer Master’s classes are finished and I have a few weeks off before the fall semester starts, I finally have a little extra time. And I know EXACTLY what I’m going to do with that time… rip my whole house apart.

I hate clutter and I feel like our house has just been getting more and more cluttered every month. I anticipate taking loads of stuff to the local thrift store and probably a load or two for a dumpster too.

I can’t wait.

I especially can’t wait to be able to open the front closet without being smacked in the head with a rogue suitcase!

Over the weekend, I started in the kitchen. I organized my recipes into a binder and also replaced a bunch of half-empty boxes in the pantry with nice organizers.

I bought the Rubbermaid Flip Top Cereal Keeper for $7.66:



And the Rubbermaid 8-piece modular canister set for $15.97:



I love looking in my pantry and seeing matching organized stuff!

I told my husband over the weekend that we won’t just be cleaning stuff out, I want to go through the house like we are listing it for sale (we aren’t). I want to attack the kitchen cupboards that are overfilling with dishes/cups/travel mugs, the front hall closet that will barely close because it contains too many coats, the playroom closet that houses my husband’s (unworn) clothes, and the basement that contains boxes unopened from our move over FIVE years ago.

So yeah, I have a pretty exciting few weeks ahead of me.

Do you get weird and giddy about organizing and throwing stuff away?


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10 thoughts on “Ripping Apart My House”

  1. Anything in the basement boxes, just let it go. You don’t need it… You haven’t looked at it in five years. Don’t open it, it’s a trap!

    1. I love getting rid of stuff! I think that’s why I like thrifting so much… I can wear an item a few times and then let it back into the wild with no guilt! =)

  2. I was off for six weeks earlier this year and did the same exact thing. It was wonderful! I can’t remember a time when I had every room, drawer and closet so organized. Now if I could only keep it that way 🙂

  3. 8.5 years ago I built a brand new beautiful house with a place for everything. It was impeccable and it stayed that way. Then I moved to an old house with no closets and proceeded to remodel it. 4 years of disorganization and counting. It drives me nuts.

    If you don’t have a place for something get rid of it, or the mess will come back. I had a friend that forced herself to get rid of something every time she brought something new into the house. She was very neat. I found that when I was in the habit of organizing every two weeks it worked well, because the chore was small and I was therefore not as prone to procrastinate.

    1. I do try to have a place for everything… but when we are super busy for months at a time the clutter just builds up. I’m so happy to have a few slow weeks to attack everything!

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