Rug Switcheroo

You know how you can totally live with something for years and then suddenly one day you’ve had enough and you can’t stand it anymore? Well, that was me and my kitchen rug.

When we first moved into our house almost 4 years ago, I searched and searched for the perfect kitchen rug. I fell in love with one from West Elm and even though it was kind of pricy, I bought it and loved it every day. You can see it in a post about our kitchen update from early 2014.

Unfortunately, after 3 ½ years of a messy kid, dog and husband, the rug was looking a little dingy. Well, actually a lot dingy. I totally would have bought the exact same rug from West Elm again, but it was long gone.

Then, when trotting through Target the other day I saw some rugs were on sale. And I grabbed one I liked and brought it home.

Yup, that’s about as much thought as I put into it this time.

I ended up buying a 5×7 Threshold Indoor/Outdoor Flatweave Diamond rug in blue, which was normally $99.99 but on sale for $79.00. It was little thicker than our previous rug and also had a non-slip latex backing, which keeps it from flipping up. The pattern is super busy, but with a table and chairs breaking it up it works.

Oh, and Jack picked out the new place mats… so I don’t care that the patterns are kind of a lot together.

I have to say, I am missing my ‘pop’ of orange a little, but I’m planning to pick up a pretty orange bowl for the middle of the table. Or, if I come across any place mats in a fun orange design, I’ll probably pick them up for when our new ones inevitably get gross.

Here’s a better picture of the ‘eating’ side of our kitchen taken with my real camera, instead of my iPhone. If you want to see it larger, just click on the picture.


I’m actually pretty surprised at myself that I didn’t spend hours and hours researching different rugs and then comparison shopping them at different stores. This way is kind of nice and my brain feels a little less full.

Are you more of an impulse shopper when it comes to home décor or do you spend a long time making your decisions? Do you think the blue was a good choice?


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4 thoughts on “Rug Switcheroo”

  1. Yes and no! I have been eyeing some chair cushions for my dining room at World Market for months and kept putting it off because I didn’t “need” them. Then I noticed that my new chairs are getting all nicked up so I went online to get them and because I had to spend $150 to get free shipping I impulsively bought a new table runner, a new serving platter, and new place mats. My hubby likes to be included in decorating stuff so impulse buys aren’t always welcome because he wants the home to reflect both of us (ie – not be all girly). I’m really loving your rug. Really, really loving it.

    1. Thanks Sara! Oh my gosh, World Market totally gets me every time. I’ll go in to spend a coupon and then BOOM I end up with cute plates, a necklace and a few bottles of wine! =)

  2. Love the room with the new rug!!!! I had to get rid of the rug under our dining room table because my kids dropped so much food on it. But you’ve made me want to try it again! Thanks.

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