Running Like a Super Hero

When it comes to running, I’m WAY more into doing a 5k when it comes with fun perks. Give me a pink tutu to run a Diva 5k? Bring it on. Add a crab and beer festival to the end of a few miles? Heck yeah! Have a meet-and-greet with a penguin in the middle of a relay marathon? YES PLEASE!

So, when I saw a run with a Super Hero theme, I was SO in. The Super Run 5k came to Baltimore this past weekend and it was the perfect excuse to knock out a few miles while wearing a cape. And a Wonder Woman shirt. Because, why not?!

Look at how many people are there!

They also had a fun backdrop so that you can take superhero pictures before the race.

I ran it with my friend LeeAnne and we were both a little slap happy by the end of it.

I love races like this because everyone is so happy to be there. I mean, not everyone loves running the 3.1 miles, but there are plenty of walkers that you can hang out with while you move through the course. There is also the fun of seeing grown men and women running in capes. And costumes!

I will absolutely run this one again and next time I’m putting cape on Jack and bringing him with me!

What is the most fun run you’ve ever done? Would you do a Superhero 5k?


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