Running & Winning the Crab 5k

Okay, first of all. You all know I’m a slow runner. I didn’t win the 5k.


I did win the costume contest.

This was my third year running the Crab 5k and enjoying the beer and crab festival afterwards. This year, I ran it with my brother, Jason, and his fiancé, Jaclyn. Unlike previous years, it wasn’t in the high 90’s… which was pretty great. However, it was still pretty humid. Yay Maryland.

Anyways, after our 3.1 mile run, we ate one of the best crab cake sandwiches in the land and then drank a bunch of beer/hard cider/moonshine/rum. Then, we waited and waited and waited for the costume contest.

I won it last year and they gave me $100 as my prize. So, I upped the game with a crab headband and a bunch of orange this year. They called me up on stage and… I was the only competitor in the ‘individual class’. Whatever. I’ll take the win!

However, the guy then handed me an oversize bottle of wine instead of those dollar bills… {sad trombone}

So yeah, I’m a winner. And I had a great time with my family! I probably won’t bother dressing up again next year though. For $100… heck yeah. But for a bottle of wine? I’ll pass.

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