6 Month Thrifting Update: Favorites

When it comes to my thrifting fun, I still make mistakes. Many times I get so excited to see something fabulous that I don’t stop to think about whether it would actually play nice with the rest of my wardrobe. Or my figure. Luckily, at thrift prices it’s not a big deal when I make a mistake. Typically, I will either resell the item or just re-donate it so the next thrifterella can enjoy it.

Instead of focusing on my thrifting mistakes, I thought it would be fun to pick out my top winners over the last 6 months! You can find all my thrifting posts here: Thrifting Fun.

I went through all my posts from January to June and picked out my 6 favorites:

Dr. Scholls Glendale Wedge Sandals, $7.99
Thrifted in February

I picked these cute wedge sandals up on a February thrifting trip and then packed them away until the weather warmed up. I really like that the toe strap and ankle strap are a mix of braided fabric and leather. The wedge heel is also relatively low, which makes the sandals pretty comfy to wear to work.

Coldwater Creek wrap dress, $4.90
Thrifted in March

I couldn’t resist buying this wrap dress in March because it fit really well and was under $5! It originally had a stupid fake ribbon belt on one side, but I snipped it off as soon as I got it home. It is a little longer than I thought I wanted, but now that I’ve worn it to work a few times I decided I like the length. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you can’t go wrong with a pattered wrap dress. With just one item, you suddenly look like you put in a bit of effort!

Eci dress, $13.40
Thrifted in March (Spring Break)

I love the fun green pattern on this dress! I’ve worn it with tights and booties when it was still cold outside and I’ve also styled it with sandals earlier this month. This dress is why I love thrifting – it’s perfect for work, looks professional and pretty, and it only cost $13.40!

Loft Snow Leopard print car coat, $16.75
Thrifted in March (Spring Break)

I thrifted this adorable jacket over Spring Break… and then it totally snowed so that I was able to wear it! I LOVE this coat! It is probably my favorite find of 2018 so far because of its sassy snow leopard pattern and grown-up shape. As soon as it gets cold again, I’ll be putting this back into rotation. It looks equally cute with skinny jeans and boots and it does with a dress!

Tahari Wave Patent Leather sandals, $8
Thrifted in April

I bought these Tahari patent leather sandals in April, but I’ve already worn them a bunch of times. They are super comfortable with the gladiator straps and no heel. The patent leather shine makes them look a little fancy, so I’ve worn them to work a few times with dresses and skirts. I also randomly walked almost 3 miles in them last week when I decided to go exploring for lunch… with no blisters!

Zella Training Jacket, $6.99
Thrifted in May

I’m surprised that I don’t have a photo of me wearing this zip-up, because I’ve been bringing it with me non-stop to chilly restaurants. I’ve mostly been throwing it on over a t-shirt and jeans, or a t-shirt and jean shorts. It’s been getting lots of wear and I especially like the thumb-holes. When thrifting… don’t forget to check the active wear section!

Have you had any super thrifting winners over the past few months?

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4 thoughts on “6 Month Thrifting Update: Favorites”

    1. Thank you so much! I love spreading the joy of thrifting… I wish everyone would go and save lots of great clothes from the landfills! =)

  1. Possible dumb question alert: when you say thrift store, what do you mean? Goodwill? TJ Max? I admit I am bad at shopping but I never have the luck you do in those types of stores!

    1. When I say thrift store, I mean a store where the clothes were pre-owned like Goodwill, Savers, 2nd Avenue, etc. I typically don’t count consignment shops as thrift stores, since their merchandise is already pre-sorted and more expensive. =)

      Also, a lot of it comes down to luck… or just effort. I went to a thrift store recently and spent over an hour there to find literally 3 items that I would want out of the entire store.

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