Scheduling Fun

A few weeks ago I was working on planning out some blog posts and put a status update up that asked you all what you want me to write about. I know, super lazy blogger over here.

One of my favorite people in the world (hi Jessy!) commented and said that I should write about how I juggle all my responsibilities and still have time for fun. To which I replied, “what is this ‘fun’ thing that you speak of?”

I’m only partially kidding.

Some days, it feels like I’m constantly late and running from task to task. I hate it when people list all their tasks and whine about how busy they are (This post still makes me giggle. And yes, I know how lame it is to giggle at my own blog posts) so I’m not going to list all the miscellaneous stuff that is on my day-to-day schedule. Just know, that I don’t have a lot of down time.

And that includes time to do fun stuff, like hang out with my friends.

I’ve been covering extra campuses at work, so I’ve been working late pretty much one night each week. On weeks that I work late, I don’t make any other plans with friends. I don’t think it’s fair to Travis and Jack for me to be gone more than once a week and frankly, I get tired too. Weekends get super busy too with kid stuff, family stuff, random work events, etc. I was out of town last week on vacation — which was wonderful — but as you know, sometimes coming back to real life is even harder when you allow the emails and loads of laundry to build up!

I try to make plans with my friends a few times a month, but they are busy too. So, by time I look at open dates on my calendar and open dates on their calendars… I’m planning a month or two out.

And yes, it’s a little ridiculous. But that’s what works for my life right now.

Frankly, I’ve had some friends decide that this isn’t enough for them and leave my life. And that’s okay. Because once you have a kid, people tend to fade out anyways. However, some of those awesome friends not only stay in your life, but they understand the craziness. They are okay with being scheduled in and they understand why you want to cry when they have to cancel on you at the last minute. Those friends are keepers, and I’m lucky to have a few of them that will stand by me through anything.

Someday, I may have more time for fun.
But right now, I schedule it in.
And that’s okay.

Do you have to schedule in fun? Have you lost friends because you have other priorities in your life?

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One thought on “Scheduling Fun”

  1. Well gosh, you’re one of my favorite people, too! <3

    The "Busy" blog post is one of my absolute favorites. It makes me laugh every time. Schedules are my friend, too. It works for my life right now, too. And I'm thankful to have you in it!!

    I think any major life event changes relationships, or can very easily change relationships. Graduating high school and then college, moving, getting married, changing jobs, having a baby.. All of these things have changed my life and, through these things, some relationships have faded and some have become stronger. I'm learning to be more okay with that as I get older, because honestly my time is valuable and I'm too busy making out with unicorns and finding cross-cultural squirrel foster homes for baby birds to spend time with people who put in zero effort.

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