Setting the Table

One of my absolute favorite things about fall each year is when my family comes over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner. I can’t remember when I took on the responsibility of being in charge of Thanksgiving, but it’s been quite a few years now.

I found this gem from 2008:

Thanksgiving 2008

Even though I can’t remember when I started, I do remember very clearly that I told my mom that I’d take over Thanksgiving with one caveat: she is still in charge of the turkey. And the stuffing, because they are kind of a combo deal.

So that’s what we do. My parents bring the turkey and stuffing and I do everything else.

Each year I have visions of a beautifully set table with matching plates, pretty napkins and glasses that aren’t etched with the name of a winery.

But each year I fail.

After Travis and I got married, I used our wedding china to set the table for dinner. But the whole hand-washing thing was kind of a pain in the butt. Last year I got super lazy and used paper plates.


What I really need is a dozen cool plates that can go in the dishwasher, but I’ve had the worst time finding what I want. For example, I absolutely love these plates from World Market:

World Market salad plate

But the design I love is for the smaller salad plates. The full-sized plates are pretty boring:

World Market larger plate

So, I’m still on the hunt. But until I find a plate that I fall in love with and want to lick gravy off of, I figured I’d work with what I have. Which means that we are back to our wedding china… with one little addition of these fabulous paper place mats:

Thanksgiving place setting

I picked them up at World Market when I was drooling over the salad plates and they come in a huge pack of 25 disposable paper mats. Pretty, right? Now, if I can just find some fun plates…

I’m curious, what do you use to set the table for Thanksgiving – paper plates, good china, or something in between?


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by World Market, I just love their stuff and want to move into their Rockville location and live there for a long weekend. This post contains ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission. Thank you to anyone who chooses to click through and support my blogging addiction.

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