Skipping the Spring 2021 Causebox

For the first time in all the years I’ve been getting Causebox, I’ve decided to skip a box. I know, SHOCKING! One of the things I love about Causebox is that they release spoilers about what will be included in each box to get you excited about the upcoming season.

They started on February 23 by sharing the 3 options for the first item:

Source: Causebox

Starting with this first item… I was not impressed. I have no need for a portable charger (and actually have 2 sitting in a box unused), I just bought upcycled napkins from the Winter Causebox market, and I already own blue light glasses that I don’t bother using.

No biggie though, it’s pretty common to have one item in the box that I don’t really love.

Then, on February 24 they shared the next group of options for the second item:

Source: Causebox

Well, dang. Another three options to pick from and I dislike all of them! Although, I am loving the color scheme of the box so far. I have literally no need EVER for a tech organizer roll (especially one made out of plastic), no need for a collapsible cup and no need for stretch exercise bands. I actually own very similar exercise bands from a previous FabFitFun box and while they do hang out in my ‘exercise area’ of the house, I only occasionally use one of them as a ‘yoga strap’ and certainly don’t need three more.

At this point, I was getting a little worried. I mean, these seasonal boxes aren’t cheap ($49.95 per quarter if you subscribe annually, or $54.95 per quarter if you subscribe by the quarter) and already two of the items are once that I don’t want at all. I checked the Causebox FAQ and saw that if I wanted to skip the box I had until March 1 to make my decision, so I waited to see if they would release another spoiler.

On February 28, they finally released the “big ticket” item from the Spring 2021 box:

Source: Causebox

Okay, so there isn’t anything WRONG with the Feed Projects Canvas Market Tote – other than the overpriced ‘retail’ value of $108 – but I literally own 10 totes. I have PLENTY of tote options for any of my tote needs, so this was a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ kind of decision.

I emailed Causebox and let them know that I wanted to skip my Spring 2021 box and they responded that it was no problem. So YAY for making that easy.

Now, the questions is… did I make the right choice? I waited to see what the rest of the options were to see if I got that tinge of regret.

Choice 4:

Source: Causebox

Choice 5:

Source: Causebox

Nope. Don’t regret it at all. After box after box of Causebox awesomeness, this box is actually one that I am happy to skip. There is not one item that I wish I would receive. So I’m pretty darn happy that I can skip the box and try again in the Fall!

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One thought on “Skipping the Spring 2021 Causebox”

  1. It’s nice to know you can skip these things once in awhile. I have skipped Stitchfix before. They make it easy, too. I think they do that so we come back!

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