Quick Change: Kitchen Knobs

It’s been quite a while since I talked about kitchen knobs… so let’s do a little refresher. Way back in 2012, I shared a post showing our bright gold kitchen hardware (Kitchen Changes, Part 1). I’m not a fan of gold, so I got all DIY up in here and spray painted them with Rustolium’s oil rubbed bronze paint. It was a whopping $6 and I was pretty happy with it. Then, four years later I did a little refresher because some of the gold was showing through (Redoing a DIY).

Well, it’s been 5 years… and it was time to deal with the knobs again.

This time, I decided to just buy new knobs so I wouldn’t have to fix them again in the future. I was never a huge fan of the old egg-shaped knobs and the weird bendy pulls. So, I did some online shopping on Home Depot’s website, as well as Amazon. I ended up ordering some options of Amazon… returning one. Then picking up two more options at Home Depot… and returning one more.

Here is what I ended up with:

While the cabinet knobs were a pretty easy choice, the drawer pulls were a pain the butt. I wanted ones that would fit into our existing drilled holes so I wouldn’t have to re-drill and patch up holes. However, the first ones I ordered off Amazon were supposed to have a 3” space between the screws… but they were about ¼ inch off.

Then, I took one of my pulls off my cabinets and held it up to every possible match at Home Depot, narrowed it down to 2, bought 11 of each of them and brought them home. I tried the options on and gave it a gander.

  • Top: the ones I picked
  • Middle: the ones I considered, but decided against
  • Bottom: our original pulls

Once I had all the proper pieces, the actual switching out of the hardware was super easy. I used a small screwdriver to remove the existing hardware, cleaned the cabinet with degreaser (I like Zep Heavy Duty Citrus Degreaser), and then put on the new knob.

The whole project cost just under $100 and was totally worth it. The new knobs and pulls really updated the look of our kitchen and the ‘hand-feel’ is just really nice and hearty. I’m super happy with the change (and the price) and now I’m looking around the house for some other easy DIY updates!

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One thought on “Quick Change: Kitchen Knobs”

  1. They look great! I wish I could change pulls on my cabinets, but mine have these long wood pieces attached to the cabinet. I just need new cabinets. Yours look like new!
    Maybe I’ll look around for some simple DIY stuff. Thanks for the motivation!

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