Redoing a DIY

A few years ago when we first bought our house, I was going a little crazy with the DIY’s. I mean, that’s kind of the fun part when you buy a house… to rip everything apart and make it your own. Right?

Well, one of the first projects I did was to upgrade our kitchen. When we moved in, the island was in a super weird spot, the backsplash was bright white and the gold-colored hardware hurt my eyes.

In fact, back then I described it as looking like King Midas came over and molested them.

You can see the full post here — Kitchen Changes, Part 1 — where I decided to paint them with spray paint. It actually turned out really well, but after four years of using our cabinets every day they were looking a bit rough.

Redo knobs - 1

I decided to take an hour over the weekend and redo the whole project. I unscrewed any knob or pull that had a chip in the paint and shoved it through an old cardboard box.

Redo knobs - 2

I did a quick wipe-down with Windex, and then I spray painted the hell out of them.

Redo knobs - 3

I let them dry for about an hour and stuck them back on the cabinets.

I’m not even kidding when I say the entire job took me less than 60 minutes. However, the amount of times I moved the task on my calendar went on for literally MONTHS because I never felt like doing it. Now, hopefully we will be good for another 4 years…

Am I the only one who procrastinates a month for a project that literally takes less than an hour? Have you needed to redo a DIY?

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