Some “Me” Time

Oooooh doggy, I’ve been stressed up in here. At work I’m the head of a 2-person marketing department and my fantastic social media specialist put in her notice in early March. This is a super bummer because she was wonderful at her job and also a really nice person who I very much enjoyed working with.

On top of losing a fantastic employee and friend, this also sucks because I had to handle offboarding her, working with recruiters and various websites to find her replacement AND after she left cover both of our jobs until the new person started.

As of today, I’ve been covering two jobs for 5 weeks.

This is NOT sustainable. On top of my normal work + her work, I also reviewed over 80 resumes, had over a dozen Zoom interviews, two in-person interviews, a million conversations, one offer suddenly rejected, started over and another offer accepted. This week I’ll start onboarding the new person while still covering all the extra work until she gets up to speed.

So yeah, my shoulders have been living by my ears.

I very much feel burnout creeping in and I really need a weekend away. Preferably with sand between my toes and a fruity drink in my hand. And no responsibilities.

Since that’s not on the schedule right now, instead I decided to take Friday off for a “me” day. It was basically my last chance for a day off until I have my new person onboarded, so I jumped on it!

After dropping Jack at school:

  • I had a facial appointment where my face, shoulders, neck, head, feet and hands were massaged for an hour and it was transcendent.
  • I did a little thrift store shopping.
  • I met up with my husband for a yummy lunch.
  • I did a little more thrift store shopping

And then, suddenly the day was over and it was time to take Jack to Tae Kwan Do.

Honestly, I feel like taking a day off was like putting a Band-Aid on a gaping wound. I’m still exhausted and need a real break. Anyone want to plan a beach getaway for me…?

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4 thoughts on “Some “Me” Time”

  1. Come to Naples! White sand beaches… we are a destination location. The Hyatt has a water park, it’ supposed to be lots of fun.

  2. Just got back from Pigeon Forge, and they had one of those Wilderness Lodges I know you love! They also had one right next door not attached to a hotel. I love Pigeon Forge; Dollywood is fun, there’s a Flavortown (an arcade and bowling alley, plus Fieri food!) a bunch of those cheesy shows (my fav is Lumberjack Feud) and go-karting. I think you’d have a blast!

    So glad you found a new marketing employee/buddy!! Fellow SMM and marketer here!

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