Spring Shopping: Jack’s Favorites from Old Navy

When I did my Christmas shopping, I ended up with some Old Navy Super Cash to spend at a later date. Well, that later date is now… so I figured that as I click-clacked over on the Old Navy website I’d write up a super quicky blog post. Jack stood over my shoulder and literally picked out each one of these choices, so they are 8-year-old-kiddo approved.

Jack’s favorite t-shirts:

Source: OldNavy.com

Jack’s favorite shorts:

Source: OldNavy.com

By the way, Jack says the red camo shorts are “sick” and clarified that it wasn’t in a cough-cough way, but a super cool way.

Sick or not, I’m hoping that this gives us some options for our upcoming Universal Studios trip. Who knows if this kid will still be in last year’s clothing sizes or skip right to the next one…

Happy Shopping!

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