Squeezing my Eyes Shut and Wishing Big!

I tend to be one of those people who when I get excited, I get really, REALLY EXCITED! I also happen to be someone who believes in ‘signs’ and ‘feelings’ as dorky as it may sound (even to me). So, now that you know both of these things about me you won’t really be surprised that I’m crossing my fingers, wishing on a star and hoping as hard as I can that we get a contract on our house this week.

Let me back up a bit. We originally put our townhouse on the market last May and over the summer we had a bunch of showings but no actual contracts. In September, my husband’s job was up-in-the-air, which would have impacted where we would live, so we decided to take the house off of the market until we figured everything out.

Well, for 6 months I worked like a demon to get as many house projects done as possible. We replaced our kitchen appliances with all stainless steel models, rearranged the living room to include a dining area, updated two bathrooms with new vanities/mirrors/lights, and repainted and fully decorated our finished basement to look more like a den. Then, we relisted our house for the exact same price as before.

I know, after all that work and money we spent it would have been nice to get a little more money out of it. However, it’s not like we were fighting off the offers before, so hopefully we’d get at least one this time. So anyways, we relisted our house in the middle of March and at that time I told my husband that I’d be really, really happy if we could get an offer by the end of April.

Fast forward to this past weekend – we had a showing on Sunday. Unlike many showings where you can’t even tell that someone has been in your house, I could tell that they actually looked around. There were shower curtains out of place, telling me that they looked to see if the tubs were in good condition. There was a smudge print on my basement stairs, which told me that they walked out the back of the house to check it out. They even took THREE of the house flyers that I left out on the kitchen table. (Yes, I know I’m a regular Monk/CSI/Bones). Anyways, I had a ‘good feeling’ about it.

This morning, I woke up in a great mood… even though the sound of my husband accidently setting off our house alarm is what got me out of bed. I saw my lucky number a couple times on my way into work and came into the office with an obviously dorky skip to my step. I wasn’t even surprised when my Real Estate Agent called this morning to tell me that the person’s agent had asked for more specific information on the number of parking spaces and age of our roof. Apparently they’d like more information and may also want to see our house again.

Of course I’m thinking that I might get my wish of a contract before the end of the month.  I know I should reign in my excitement and try not to get ahead of myself. But this kind of excitement/passion/supernova happiness is what makes life worth living!

So do me a favor and throw a wish my way that we get a wonderful and competitively priced contract on our house. Cross your fingers. Wish on a star, a butterfly, your lucky number on a license plate or even a flyaway eyelash. Any little bit will help. Right?

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