Stress: A Naughty Word or Just a Fact of Life?

It usually starts the night before I go back to work after a week of blissful vacation.

My shoulders start tightening, raising from their normal position to somewhere near my ears. I wonder how many emails will be waiting for me in my inbox and how many of them are marked “urgent.” I start worrying that something blew up while I was gone and I’ll be blamed for it first thing in the morning before I even drink my coffee.

Ugh, work stress.

I mean, I feel work stress every day but I can’t really say I deal with it all that well. I’m one of those ‘ignore the stress and it will go away’ kind of people where I don’t realize I’m STRESSED (in all caps) until my neck and shoulders are tensed to the point of a constant painful ache.

Or when I get really upset and burst into tears for no apparent reason other than the country song on the radio was really sweet.

Or when I unleash an angrier than normal tirade of innovative curses at the driver who cut me off while yapping on their cellphone (or at those stupid women on that Big Rich Texas show).

Yeah, I don’t handle it well at all and it just seems like a big steaming pile of stress is waiting around the corner that first day back from vacation. But it’s pretty inevitable right? Everyone has stress of some sort – whether it’s the traffic on 695 every day that makes you want to take a paintball gun to the next person who forgets what to do with that crazy thing called a blinker or the fact that you have 137 emails waiting for you to deal with them as soon as humanly possible.

Anyways, coming back to the office after my super relaxing vacation was putting me in a bit of a tizzy* on Sunday night. So it seemed like perfect timing when I saw that one of this week’s free kindle books on Amazon was “Stress proof your life (52 Brilliant Ideas)” by Elisabeth Wilson.

Wow, 52 brilliant ideas? That’s a LOT of ideas! That sounds awesome! And not just ideas, BRILLIANT ideas!

Maybe it will actually be something better than that “breathe deeply in the face of stress” crap that you usually hear. So, if you have a kindle and you’re interested in a free book that might give you some ways to cut your own stress, download the book today. With these free books, they are only free for a limited time before they revert back to their original price ($12.17 for this one).

I just downloaded my copy and if there are any good tips in it, I’ll be sure to post them. If it sucks, I’ll just be sure to breathe deeply while hitting delete.

Oh and if you have a tip for reducing stress, let me know by leaving a comment on my blog or facebook page. I can use all the help I can get!

*Yeah, that’s right… I said tizzy because that’s how I roll.

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One thought on “Stress: A Naughty Word or Just a Fact of Life?”

  1. Looking forward to the other 51 ideas besides “deep yogic breathing.” This might be a reason for me to finally buy a kindle 🙂

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