Summer Essentials: Skimmies

{This is NOT a sponsored post. I’ve just had a bunch of questions lately about what’s going on under my skirts. That sounds pervy, but most of the time it’s totally not meant in a pervert way. I think.}

As you can tell by most of my outfit posts on Instagram and my monthly wrap-ups (here’s the one from May), I wear skirts and dresses year-round. During the cooler months, I’m a big fan of fleece-lined tights, but during the warm/hot months I have another love… skimmies.

Why do I like skimmies? Um… let’s break it down:

1. Even though he is 5, Jack still has the tendency to randomly grab my skirt and flash everyone my undercarriage.

2. I can’t tell you how many times a swift breeze has come by when walking from my truck to my work location in Baltimore. My hands are basically always full and BOOM… undercarriage on display.

3. Sweaty thighs on a 95 degree day with 90% humidity.

4. Walking up the open staircase at my work location in College Park. Say it with me now… UNDERCARRIAGE. Again.

5. Roller-coasters.

So, that’s the “why” behind it. The “what” is called Jockey Skimmies Slipshorts.

I’m sure they have them in stores, but I usually buy mine off Amazon. You can find them HERE for $20.

I like this particular kind because they are super comfortable without being confining or trying to squish your thighs like a spanx sausage. Sure, you’ll get some smoothing with these, but that’s about it. They don’t roll up or down, and there is no tag to flop around and tickle your butt crack. I wear them over my typical underroos and have found that they last for years without showing any wear. As long as your dog doesn’t find a pair and chew them up (BAD Ollie!). I have one pair in beige/light and they make me feel like a grandma. However, I have four pairs in black that I absolutely love.

One thing to keep in mind is sizing. They come in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large and XXL. I’m usually a large in most things (and a size 12 in numbered stuff), but I like the medium fit of these. So, keep that in mind if you decide to try a pair for yourself.

Do you wear Skimmies, Spanx or something else under skirts & dresses in the summer? Does anyone else have a kid who seems determined to show everyone their goodies?


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, I just really love my Skimmies and thought you’d like to know about them. Pocketful of Joules is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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6 thoughts on “Summer Essentials: Skimmies”

  1. Two reasons I love you:
    (1) “3. Sweaty thighs on a 95 degree day with 90% humidity.”
    (2) “They don’t roll up or down, and there is no tag to flop around and tickle your butt crack.”

    I don’t wear anything like Skimmies, but what a genius idea. Because the sweaty thigh thing gets me every time. Yesterday at lunch, at a restaurant, I put a napkin between my legs because they were sweaty and sticking together AND sliding on the seat. How is that even possible? I don’t know. Gross. Skimmies sound like a much better solution, thanks.

  2. And… ordered! Thank you! I like fuller skirts and I’ve actually had them blow up over my face in the wind.

  3. Hmmm I might have to look into this. I feel like I’d like to wear more skirts especially in summer, but I’m uncomfortable with my undercarriage exposure potential as well, plus i just like to keep things in place there…so maybe i’ll try a pair of these. Wonder if they have any at the Jockey outlet near me – Thanks Joules!

  4. Yup. I buy these too. As a plus-sized gal these are absolutely essential for summer or other dress-wearing.

    They are also sold at Macy’s for the same $20, so coupons!

  5. Thank you for this post!

    Last week I wore my husband’s atheltic boxer briefs under my skirt to prevent chafing 🙁

  6. I wear cotton ones like this from Amazon & they’re amazing. In little girl world they’re called playground shorts – so you can definitely do a cartwheel anytime the mood strikes.

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