Leaving on a Jet Plane… to San Francisco

If all goes according to plan – which includes hauling myself out of bed at 3am – I am on a plane to San Francisco right this moment!

Thanks to the time change, I’ll arrive in California around 9:00 local time. So, it is quite possible that my “day” will begin with a nap in a nice, cold hotel room. I’m hoping to do a little walking around/sightseeing that afternoon and evening. You can find my plan here: Traveling Fun, Share your San Francisco Tips!

Then, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I will be in conference sessions. If you think about me, stick some hilarious memes on my Facebook page so that I have something to do during the boring bits!

I’m hoping to do some more sightseeing on Saturday and will then take a red-eye plan back home.

If you are a reader in the San Franscisco area, send me an email to pocketfulofjoules@gmail.com and maybe we can make a plan to grab coffee or a grown up beverage while I’m in town!

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