Bargain Finds: Target Dollar Section Goodies

A few weeks ago I did a little survey of possible blog topics and one that got a lot of love was my idea for a new monthly Bargain Finds post.

Basically, I’d just show you all cool stuff that caught my eye for under $30. Sounds like fun, right?

For my first try at it, I decided to hit up the Target Dollar section. They have a pretty fantastic Easter/Spring thing going on right now and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you!

Target 1 and 2

5 pack of sparkly eggs = $1
4 pack of ‘wood chip flower’ clips = $3

Target 3 and 4

Hello sign = $3
Happy Green Gnome = $3

Target 5 and 6

Paint your Own Rock Turtle = $3
Paint your Own Birdhouse = $3

Target 7 and 8

Green Wood Caddy = $5
Bonus item: Merona Striped Bag $39.99 ($5 off with ‘text this number’ discount)

I ended buying the eggs and flower clips for our fake tree. It was a Christmas tree, but I like having it in our living room so much, it also morphed into a Valentine’s tree. Now, it’s an Easter tree…


I also bought both ‘paint your own’ items because Jack loves little painting projects. I may end up putting one in his Easter basket this weekend, if there is room with all the candy (I was hungry and went a little crazy…) I skipped over both the Hello sign and Gnomes, but brought the wood caddy home to organize my ‘crap area’ in my kitchen:


And, of course, I also had to bring that adorable striped bag home with me for our upcoming cruise!

Have you scored any awesome finds at Target’s Dollar Spot lately? What would you like to see for my next Bargain Finds post?

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