My Best Motivator

I suck at working out.

Okay, maybe I don’t actually suck at the action of working out. What I really suck at is getting motivated to exercise.

It’s funny because I actually do enjoy some workouts once I force myself to do them. Especially when I am able to go to the sessions with my new Stroller Strides friends

Oh, and I really like running 5k’s too. I’m on the waiting list for the Color Run in DC, which looks absolutely AWESOME. I’m also signed up for my favorite race in Baltimore this fall. One part of me is super excited for the race… but the other part realizes I should probably get my flabby mommy butt out there and work up some mileage again!

Now, believe me when I tell you that I am definitely NOT FAST when I run and I’m totally okay with this. What I like is the feeling of solidarity when all the runners {eventually} come running through to the finish line. All breathless, sweaty and proud of ourselves. It’s a pretty great feeling.

You know what does work to motivate me?


Yup, if I tell someone I’m going to be there for the workout and then don’t show up, the guilt would probably eat me alive. I absolutely hate inconveniencing anyone else… even more than I hate forcing myself to exercise after a long day of work.

This is why I’ve committed myself to a new running group (also with my Stroller Strides instructor).

If I know that they’re waiting for me to get out there and run with them, I’ll just have to do it. And hopefully if I start running with them once a week, along with going to a class on Saturday mornings, maybe just maybe I can force myself to exercise even more. I mentioned in a recent post that I was given a Zamzee to try out and I’m hoping between the guilt of committing to sessions and the positive reinforcement of earning points with my activities, I might finally push myself over the hump and get back in shape!

What tricks to you have to keep yourself motivated? Tell me here, on Facebook or by tweeting me at @joulesdellinger!

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