Love Today Friday’s: Movie Previews

Okay, I’m kind of in a bit of a hot and cold mood today. You know, like one minute you’re totally fine and rocking out to the radio and the next you’re kind of pissed off? Yeah, that.

However, it IS Friday – which automatically makes today great. And as of last week’s invention, it’s a Love Today Friday – so that makes today even better.

So with all that in mind, I give you what I’m loving: Movie Previews!

Yes, I’m one of those people who gets super twitchy when we’re running late to get to the movies because I freaking love, love LOVE the previews. Good ones are like little bite-sized morsels that get me pumped to see the full movie. The bad ones are just so cheesy bad that it brings out the snark and puts me into a fit of giggles.

I just don’t understand the people who DON’T like previews. I mean – hello – it’s like you’re getting more bang for your movie-going buck! Instead of just (hopefully) enjoying ONE movie, you get many bits o’ movies to add to your fun!

Since having Jack, I’ve only been to the movie theater once to see The Hunger Games (totally worth it) and I really miss being able to go more often.* However, I was stalking Hulu and found that they have a bunch of movie trailers available for my lunchtime watching enjoyment.

Here are my top 4 movies that I’m excited to see in the theaters (aka on DVD, unless I find a babysitter):

Oz, the Great and Powerful

This is probably less to do with it being an awesome trailer and more to do with my love for all things Oz, but I can’t wait to see this movie!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Okay, first off… no, I haven’t read the book. Which I know is odd, because I’m a huge bookworm. I had never even heard of this book/movie until it was out there that Emma Watson was in it. I have such a girl crush on her! Not only was she Hermione but she’s absolutely gorgeous. This movie looks like a fun coming of age kind of thing from my childhood, so I’m in!

The Expendables 2

I love action movies and thought The Expendables was pretty awesome. Add that to the fact that you pretty much have every action star of the 80’s and 90’s in here and I’m in shoot ‘em up heaven. Are you freaking kidding me – Jason Statham, Van Damme AND Chuck Norris?! Bring on the Bunch a Crunch! (And yes, I know that this is in the theater now, maybe I can get the hubby to take me for my birthday?)

For a Good Time Call…

Kinda a chick flick + a bit of raunchy = a female driven comedy about phone sex. Need I say more? Must see and be sure to not drink too much in case I accidentally laugh too hard…

Okay fabulous readers, what movie trailers have you seen lately that you love?

* I’ve had friends suggest that I go on ‘mommy days’ where they show the movies to a bunch of moms and their kids, but they tend to only have them on weekdays for the stay at home mommies. Since I work full-time the only ones I’d be able to do are on weekends, which aren’t the special bring-your-squawking-kid versions. And no offense, but I kinda don’t want to be near a bunch of loud kids anyways! Even if it might be my own…

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