Surprise Someone by Paying for their Order

I finally completed another one of my “Project Me” tasks – yay, me!

On Monday morning I was super tired (as usual) as I headed to the awesomeness that is the local drive thru Starbucks.*

A female police officer in her cruiser pulled into line behind me. I wasn’t speeding or doing anything wrong, so I didn’t get that little jolt of “oh crap” that I normally would. However, I had just come off a bit of a Girl Power weekend at BlogHer and was super happy to see a cool lady cop.

I thought that it would be nice to give her a happy start to her morning and decided to be sneaky and pay for her order.

I asked the drive thru barista to add the next order to my card and totally got all jittery (and no, I didn’t have any caffeine yet) that I was going to be caught. I asked her to tell the police officer “Thank you and have a great day” and quickly (but legally, of course) sped out of there before she turned the corner and could ID my truck.

Yeah, I know it was silly. But the whole point was to anonymously surprise someone with a good deed. Not for her to see me driving away and wave when we get stuck at a stop light. Awkward!

Anyways, as I drove away I had a big old cheesy grin on my face imagining her surprise and happiness at the little gift.

That $5 action made me feel so good all day long and hopefully it made her day too. Definitely money well spent!

So I challenge you to do the same.

Sometime this week when you’re at a toll booth or drive through, pay for the person behind you. I promise you will make someone’s day and most likely your own day too.

It you think about it, click back over here afterwards and leave me a note telling me about your good deed!

*On the subject of yummy food that you can buy without leaving your car, why aren’t there more healthy options? I would love to be able to drive through for Panera or Jimmy Johns and get my food without having to wake up/carry my baby into the restaurant!

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