Wrap Up of This Week’s Randomness

I don’t have a real blog post for you lovelies today, just a couple random thoughts to share with you this wonderful Friday.

I don’t want to post a picture of Jack from the playgroup, because there are other children in it. But check out this adorable picture of him modeling his “Believe” shirt from RayGun along with his new haircut. I just want to snuggle the crap out of this kid!

My Kid is Ridiculous
My mom took Jack to a library playgroup earlier this week so that he could interact with other kids his own age. Jack is STILL not fully walking on his own – he gets by holding onto things and likes to hold your hand while he walks around – but most of the other kids at the playgroup WERE walking.

So instead of crawling in front of his new homies, he devised a strategy to get from place to place while holding on to things. At one point there was an awesome John Deere ride-on toy just out of his reach, so he grabbed a kiddie shopping cart and used it to get to the new toy. So apparently nobody is the wiser that my giant child is still not walking. That’s my kid… smart AND a little bit lazy.

Starbucks Fail
Yesterday when I went to Starbucks my ham and cheese sandwich was missing the ham. What. The. Heck.

No ham. No ham?! I mean, I ate it anyways… but really. No HAM?!

Probably Not the Best Idea
I passed this sign on my way into work today.


Yup, that’s right, a sign for you to purchase some “parakeet Birds” (for a possible birthday gift) stuck in the ground on the side of the road in Baltimore.  I’m going to go ahead and say that buying someone a random bird from a sketchy dude (or dudette) probably isn’t the best way to procure a pet. That and is there a certain birthday that calls for a parakeet as a present? Like a wooden anniversary or golden birthday?

I’m in LOVE with this Shirt
image_1RayGun sent me this shirt (along with a few other adorable goodies like the shirt Jack is wearing above) and I’m in love with it.

Actually, this is the second shirt they sent me… the first one was a ladies version that fit skin-tight (not in a “oooh baby I’m ready to PARTY” way, but in an “ooooh girl, you need to cut back on the sweets and burgers” kind of way) so I asked if I could do a tradesies for one I’d actually wear. It’s incredibly soft, fits nice and I LOVE it. Love it, love it, love it! Thanks RayGun for pretty much being the best part of my week! I’m not even kidding when I say I’m going to wear this shirt pretty much nonstop for the foreseeable future.

Ollie: Lost, Found & Pooped
I received a call from my nanny one hour after I had gotten to work this morning that she had opened the front door (because she thought she heard the doorbell) and Ollie ran out. She tried to catch him, but that little guy is like a squirrel on crack when he gets going and before she knew it… he was gone. She called me and I tried to stay as calm as possible (when I actually wanted to rip her head off through the phone) and told her where the treats were and some tricks to get him. The plan was that she’d call me back in 10 minutes if she hasn’t found him and I’d leave work, drive the hour back home and start searching for him myself.

Running from the law is very exhausting.

I lasted 3 minutes before I threw everything from my desk into my backpack and literally sprinted up the street to the parking garage. Mid-sprint, I got a call from her that she’d found him and gotten him back to the house. Where he immediately climbed up on the couch and fell asleep. The whole ordeal took about 20 minutes but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to grow a white streak in my hair like that chick from X-men.

So there’s my week in a nutshell. I guess this really is one of those TGIF kind of Friday’s. The weekend is looking up though with some girlie time with my BFF planned for Saturday and possibly a visit to the local Renaissance Festival planned for Sunday.

How about you, did you have any craziness happening this week? What are your plans for the weekend… anything fun?

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Surprise Someone by Paying for their Order

I finally completed another one of my “Project Me” tasks – yay, me!

On Monday morning I was super tired (as usual) as I headed to the awesomeness that is the local drive thru Starbucks.*

A female police officer in her cruiser pulled into line behind me. I wasn’t speeding or doing anything wrong, so I didn’t get that little jolt of “oh crap” that I normally would. However, I had just come off a bit of a Girl Power weekend at BlogHer and was super happy to see a cool lady cop.

I thought that it would be nice to give her a happy start to her morning and decided to be sneaky and pay for her order.

I asked the drive thru barista to add the next order to my card and totally got all jittery (and no, I didn’t have any caffeine yet) that I was going to be caught. I asked her to tell the police officer “Thank you and have a great day” and quickly (but legally, of course) sped out of there before she turned the corner and could ID my truck.

Yeah, I know it was silly. But the whole point was to anonymously surprise someone with a good deed. Not for her to see me driving away and wave when we get stuck at a stop light. Awkward!

Anyways, as I drove away I had a big old cheesy grin on my face imagining her surprise and happiness at the little gift.

That $5 action made me feel so good all day long and hopefully it made her day too. Definitely money well spent!

So I challenge you to do the same.

Sometime this week when you’re at a toll booth or drive through, pay for the person behind you. I promise you will make someone’s day and most likely your own day too.

It you think about it, click back over here afterwards and leave me a note telling me about your good deed!

*On the subject of yummy food that you can buy without leaving your car, why aren’t there more healthy options? I would love to be able to drive through for Panera or Jimmy Johns and get my food without having to wake up/carry my baby into the restaurant!

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