Taking a week off

If you’ve been following along on my PocketfulofJoules Instagram account, you’ve seen that I had a little change of scenery for the past few days. We packed up the truck and we headed down to Ocean City for a little family vacation.

It rained on Saturday and most of Sunday, but we were able to get out to a little beach at the end of our street Sunday afternoon.

And then both Monday and Tuesday were GORGEOUS, so we packed up a bunch of snacks and headed to Assateague Beach.

We’re back home now, but I took off the full week from work.

I don’t have anything too exciting planned… just trying to get a bunch of stuff done since I have full days with no work. I need to drop our old laptop off at Best Buy so that they can hopefully get it working for Jack’s online schooling. I have a super-doper exciting eye doctor appointment. I have a bazillion loads of laundry (really, how does it multiply so much when we were only gone for 4 days…?).

I’m also hoping to get lazy in my sunroom and read a book, finish an embroidery project, take a solo run to the thrift store for some medicinal thrifting, and watch the latest season of Lucifer (it’s coming out on Netflix Friday!).

I’ll be back with my regularly scheduled blogging next week!

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One thought on “Taking a week off”

  1. So glad for you, that you got away! It looks wonderful! I love that bathing suit, such a cute print. Don’t forget to read that book! I know I have to remind myself to take time to read, or enjoy some time out.

    I thought of you the other day, as it was National Thrifting Day! I can’t remember if it was Mon, or Tues., but I think it was at the beginning of the week. Who knew there was a day for it!
    Enjoy your week!

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